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Life is too short ! Live, Laugh and Manga !
Life is too short ! Live, Laugh and Manga !


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Version 2.5

-Re:Design Home Page
-Re:Design Detail Page
-Re:Design View Page
-Re:Design User Control Page
-Re:Design Search Page
-Re:Design Chatbox Function
-Improve Loading Home Page's Speed
-Improve Loading Detail Page's Speed
-Limit some animation which is not necessary
-Add 'Send Email For New Version' Function
-Add 'Share Manga' Function in Detail Page
-Max Length of Username become 12

P/S: This is 'small' update for Manga Leaf. I'm still busy with new project, so... next version of mangaleaf will be longer. But if you see any bugs, report me in social network, I will always keep that as a top priority.
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Version 2.4 Plus

-Fix Lastest Chapter Link of Bookmark coun't click
-Improve System Code
-Improve Search Bar

P/S : If you see Manga that chapters is missed. Report me in there. I'm not sure about new system code because I have no time to test.
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Version 2.4
Link :

-Add Bookmark Manga Function
-Add Share Manga Function
-Re:Design User Control UI

-Auto Bookmark and async with Account when read any Manga.
-Auto Check Lastest Chapters Release in User Control
-List Bookmark limit 20 Manga
-You must login to use this function.

-Copy Manga Link and Post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Maybe I will add Sharing Button when I have time.

-After finished The Design, I recognized one thing - 'Why does it look like Windows 7 ? !'

P/S : If you find any bugs or wanna new functions, just contact and I consider about that in next version. Call it a month... Anyway, Civilization 6 truly anwsome ! :))
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Version 2.4 will delay a week because my laptop have problem. I feel like I'm going crazy now. Everything was completed, and I can't update until laptop maintenance. Sorry !
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If Nothing Changes, Manga Leaf - Version 2.4 will release today !
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Version 2.3

Add User Control UI
Add Change Basic Infor Function
Add 'Forgot Password' Function
Add 'ReSend Active Email' Function
Add Animation to Google+, Facebook, Twitter Logo
'New Release' Home Page List up from 75 to 100
Improve Speed Load Home Page
Fix bug 'Lost Focus' of search bar in tablet, mobile devices.

P/S : There Pictures for people called me : "Sweet Guy" . If you like this post why you don't like this page too. =))

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MangaLeaf Version 2.3 will release next hours. You can't access to web until it's done. come down and keep calm. :))
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After serious bug last day, now you can register normally. :))
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Version 2.2

-Add Register Page
-Add Discussion Page
-Add Discussion Button to Detail Page
-Fix 'No Object' when loading Page.
-Remind new version by Email if you registered.

P/S : I have the intention to create discussion look like durarara chat room. But it seems not to be suitable with the website, then I decided to change merge with my style.
And... try to remember password until next time because "Forgot Password" still building... :))

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Version 2.1 Plus

-More Improve Load Speed of Home Page.
-Fix Lost Images and Animation of Home Page.
-Add Position State When back to Home Page.

P/S : Time Load of Home Page was reduced from 5 to 7 seconds than yesterday.
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