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You know my middle name is "Natural Born Trouble" and my last is "the Blues".
You know my middle name is "Natural Born Trouble" and my last is "the Blues".

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Nowadays I rarely have time to post or comment on any internet forum. I have even less time than engage in discussions on nebulous subjects with disingenuous and clearly brainwashed young adults who don't know when to move onto a more vulnerable candidate for conversion. Time constraints be damned, this is too good not to share.

Tonight, on my way from work, walking home from the subway station in Forest Hills, NY, I was approached by two very nice and innocuous looking young men in their early 20s and asked if they could ask a few questions in connection with a study they were planning to conduct. From the first few questions, it became clear the term "study" had little to do with research or learning, unless you count their own study of the only true belief in god and the proposed study of their inescapable conclusions. Among the things that triggered my BS meter were use of English semantics to cherry pick religious scripture and use of prophecy, appeals to false scientific authority, clams of nondenominational Christianity with no affiliation to organized religion, general secrecy about their own beliefs, and so on.

After pointing out gaping problems with each of their claims I finally got them admit that there was a hierarchy at non-religious denomination affiliate non-church and that it was called the "Church of God" which is a Holy Ghost and a male genitalia short of a Trinity. Upon coming home I ran a quick search and lo and behold:

Former Members Allege New Jersey Church, South Korea-Based World Mission Society Church of God, is Actually a 'Cult'

Has anyone here come across this religious organization? The young men complimented me on being nice despite complicating what is after all just a study, and that I should take part in it despite my guarantee of skepticability and believing in atheists,

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“Every person is, in many respects, like all other people, like some other people, like no other person.”
C. Kluckhohn and H. A. Murray

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Why doesn't the other ISIS change their name, the salon was here first. #cutnailsnotheads

Let us toast once more to the FCC, no longer as relevant and just as effective at keeping my kids safe from offensive things as the soap used to wash a dirty mouth.  Don't keep your kids wallowing in dark ignorance of awesome insults. Teach them about context which, when applied properly is 99 percent effective in preventing offense or being offended yourselves.

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I will start with this recent news. Do his previous actions and acquittal warrant a sens tense much like the one in the latest OJ Simpson case.

Domestic violence seems to be another fairly important legal issue. For example, I heard claims from individuals from middle Eastern former USSR republics that domestic violence rate is lower there than in U.S. Without an effective way to measure its incidence in those places, is it true or should it be promoted as a  common knowledge?

After a long period of inactivity, I decided to engage in exchange of ideas, perhaps collaboration on actual matters and encourage everyone to that end. Please let me know which legal topics/areas you want to discuses and I will try to make it happen.  

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The reality is harder to satirize as it involves preventative measures that are much more painful and permanent in nature. Genital mutilation for religious purposes is as common as cautionary tales of blindness despite being based on the sane logic that would cure obesity by removing the lower jaw at birth.
I'm actually not sure what to say or even think about this...


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So put on that record that we used to listen to 
When we found the truth, 
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