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Jackie Gleason
Why are you here again?
Why are you here again?


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Routing and Guards in Angular 2+
Introduction An industry friend recently offered her opinion that Angular 2 has yet not been embraced by the market. I think she may very well be correct. However, a lot of this is due to a lack of documentation, and one of the areas where this issue is mos...

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Probably my favorite feature of Ng2 so far, and a great blog post!

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Upgrading from Coffee-Script and Angular1 to Typescript and Angular2
I recently started a project with a new company. They are very front-end centric and have a large codebase written around Angular and Coffeescript. Now unfortunately they never decided to get on the John Papa train so their code is, shall we say, idiosyncra...

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Looking toward the horizon
So hopefully you guys know what is coming down the pipe, but in case you are curious look here . I have been trying to get a better blog post together, I especially think something around ngMaterial and IE is muy nessicito, but all in good time.  In the mea...

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This looks cool ...

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Delete file and history of unstaged file using git
I accidentally checked in a really large file then preceded to continue working. I needed to delete it because it exceeded the 100mb limit of github. After searching a bit here is what ended up working... git filter-branch --force --index-filter 'git rm --c...

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How to deal with Proxies when using NodeJS
Wow first post in a while, thanks to anyone still following me! So I am a huge fan of NodeJS, I just think Javascript is a great language to handle all aspects of development (besides math heavy logic but that is what modules are for). So when I was asked t...

Got R to configure on Cygwin with ./configure --enable-static=no --without-readline --with-x=no

Looking for any #D3   #javascript   #angularjs   UX developers. I can get you a really good gig just ping or email me for more info.

Location or type of employment is a non-issue
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