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Odd-Even Scheme Looks Like a Farce When Every Other Policy Is Encouraging Cars | CNN News 18
In past eight years,
number of cars in Delhi has gone up by 73%, while number of buses has
fallen by 17%. Worse, Delhi Metro expansion is delayed and fares have
been hiked drastically.    Air
pollution is a matter of public debate today and everyone see...

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Sloth Bears of Mirzapur: A Study from the Vindhyan Landscape of Eastern Uttar Pradesh | Conservation India
“Jim Corbett had shot all his man-eaters in Nainital. But I am sure there must have been more tigers in and around Mirzapur than in all the tarai districts put together……”   These are words of Y.D. Gundevia, District Collector of Mirzapur in the 1940s, in h...

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The need to reform environment clearance process | India Together
Debadityo Sinha discusses how a coal power plant managed to receive environmental clearance by giving false information, which the National Green Tribunal finally overturned. Every piece of information/data furnished and/or collected at every stage of the p...

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To discover the 'rights of a river', first think like a river | The Ecologist
There is a growing global movement to recognise the rights of rivers, writes Debadityo Sinha. But rights alone are not enough. We must love and respect rivers, and even think like rivers to understand the vital functions they perform within landscapes and e...

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भालू से हो जाए सामना तो इन बातों का रखें ध्यान | Vindhya Bachao Blogs
जंगलों पर पड़ने वाले मानवीय प्रभाव जैसे कि अतिक्रमण, खेती, खनन, वनों की कटाई, शिकार से वन्यजीवों के आवास और उनके अनुकूलन क्षमता पर बहुत खराब असर पडा है। ऐसे में जंगली जानवर और आस-पास के ग्रामीणों में अक्सर आमना-सामना हो जाता है जिसमें तेंदुआ और भालू सबसे आम ...

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Skeletal Exictence | Down to Earth
Deabdityo Sinha and Yashaswini Mittal The number of fluorosis cases in Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, is overwhelming. Despite having full knowledge of the causes, the state government is in comatose. The article was published in Down to Earth, February...

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Will you be my Valentine | Vindhya Bachao Blogs
Hi! I live in Marihan forests of Mirzapur. We have been living here since centuries and relishing the rich fruits, honey and occasionally feasting on the bees, termites and ants. But situations are very different since last decade. Many of my friends had di...

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Trade of Endangered Caracals Busted in Mirzapur, UP | Conservation India
Trade of Endangered Caracals Busted in Mirzapur, UP by  Debadityo Sinha and Raza Kazmi  | Vindhya Bachao     Image © Amar Ujala The six animals were transported in cages covered with gunny bags The 6th cat turned out to be a Serval, an African cat. OP Singh...

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Impacts of Ganga Waterways Plan on its ecology and the people | SANDRP
It has been two years since the Union Minister for Shipping and Transport, Mr. Nitin Gadkari,   announced   the Government’s ambitious plan to revive the National Waterways-1 (Ganga Waterway) between Haldia and Allahabad, justifying it on the grounds that I...
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