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Old Factory Candles | Review
Made from natural soy wax, Old Factory Candles are hand poured in the US. They retail for $25 on Amazon and come in a wide variety of scents. Each box comes with three 2 ounce candles (they're quite small, btw). I received these candles for review from Old ...

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Let's Talk About Brands: Zoya
Earlier in the year I made a post featuring the famed nail polish brand Essie . I figured it was time to resume the series with one of my favorites: Zoya. Brief history: Zoya is a brand under a company called The Art of Beauty. The Art of Beauty was founded...

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Venique "Be Brilliant" | Swatch and Review
The one coat wonders are back! These lovelies appeared at my door unexpectedly a while back for review purposes and after playing around with them and wearing them on and off for the past few months I now have time to review them. The collection "Be Brillia...

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Zoya Pixi Dust Tomoko | Talk and Swatch
This year I managed to pick up 6 nail polished during the Zoya Earth Day sale, and one of them is a Pixi Dust. This is the first time they were added to the sale, and it was half off like the rest of Zoya's polishes ($5). I figured, why not? I'm not normall...

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Studio Gear CC Cream in Linen | Review
I received the Studio Gear CC Cream in the shade Linen for review purposes from Brandbacker (a full page worth of explanation soon to come). I did a survey a while ago to get a small sample (no review necessary), and when I saw that the full sized version w...

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Updates and Stuffs
Hello hello! Long time no see. It's been what, 3 weeks? I don't even remember why I didn't post anything in those first two weeks (probably lack of motivation and nothing to write). But last week I unexpectedly had to stay the week at a friend's house for w...

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Essie Resort Fling | Swatch
I never saw myself wearing a peach nail color. I always felt like it didn't go well with my skintone. Then I saw Resort Fling. It reminds me of Zoya Cassi, but without the shimmer and leans a little bit on the orange-y side. Resort Fling is part of the new ...

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Loving Lately №5
I've been pretty mute lately, and I'm sorry for that. Honest answer: I have no idea what to blog about. It's not a slump, technically, it's just that I can't come up with a topic to blog about. I'm trying. I have a filling that there are going to be a few n...

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Foundation Routine
As I mentioned in yesterday's post I ran out of a lot of the same products at the same time. I really needed to replenish my stock, especially in the concealer department (I've been using an ELF concealer that isn't quite what I wanted it to be. I.e. it's p...

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Empties #3
For some reason all of my products like to run out at the same time. Two foundations, 4 concealers (one not shown. It's gone MIA), and a few things that aren't pictured such as two bottles of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner. One of those months, I suppo...
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