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Look for a recording of today's conference call with our HostCos on our facebook page:
NewCo Detroit
NewCo Detroit

10:00 Conference Call Agenda:
-Presentation description and preparation
-Timeline for Event
   9/2 - General Admission will pick schedule
   9/17 noon - receive attendees
   9/17 print NewCo signage and post 
- Role of ambassadors
- Social Media (what we're doing, what you can do)
- VIP reminder
- Q&A

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Writing you session description

Your NewCo session is meant to be forward looking and about the future, so please do not rely heavily on content that is about the here and now or anything that is simply an infomercial like marketing pitch.  Instead you should create an experiential session that brings your mission to life and tells the story of your vision of the future and your company’s place in that future.

You will note when you look at the Detroit schedule picking page that it is important to write compelling copy to drive attendance as this is where your audience commits to your session. As we push into a more focused editorial point of view for NewCo this year, we want companies to work with us to come up with truly unique stories to tell via their sessions. Try to think of what it is that attendees will talk about at the end of the day. You want to be on the top of their minds! This will help you to achieve all your goals with your session, be they recruitment, business development, customer acquisition or community outreach. We really want to make sure you put your best foot forward!

The best sessions are those that a) engage the audience, b) have a “story on innovation” that your company can tell and that fits with the theme of our festival which is transformative effects of business, and c) have great context and reference the space where the session is held: your offices! Show them off, do a tour, let everyone see where the secret sauce is made! The key is to not deliver a 30 minute “infomercial” but to mix your sales/marketing or recruiting goals in with the higher level story that makes your company what it is.

Start with a strong pitch sentence or title that is catchy (~10 words) and then explain specifically what you will be doing with your session(~50 words, 2-3 sentences).  

Here are a few great examples from our San Francisco festival:

Airbnb San Francisco: Get a behind the scenes look at Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters, the ultimate reflection of the company’s culture and the tech world’s new way of working. Molly Turner, Public Policy for Airbnb, will lead the tour and speak of Airbnb’s community and its effect on the way people around the world connect with each other, bringing new and unique meanings to traveling and sharing.

Bloomberg SF: Get a taste of the inner workings of Bloomberg West with renowned anchor Cory Johnson. Walk with Cory through the lifecycle of a breaking business story right in the newsroom where it all happens. Attendees will get a real-world taste of how this cutting edge network uses technology to bring viewers the latest stories from the front lines of business and tech. Additionally, Zach Haehn, the head of Bloomberg's new San Francisco engineering office, will talk about technology at Bloomberg which is driving research and innovation in quantitative finance, open technologies, and machine learning to advance the tools and services provided to customers.

Good Eggs SF: How does a pound of locally-grown tomatoes get from the vine to your door? Come get a close-up view inside our 10,000 sq ft SF food hub, and see their innovative local grocery model in action. Right alongside our team, you’ll take part in getting local food from harvest to hub to home.

RocketSpace SF: Are you looking for a birth place of the next Uber or Kabam? Founder and CEO Duncan Logan will explain how Rocketspace helps early stage startups leverage the network eco-system they created. Duncan will invite startup founders to tell their personal “case studies” of growth and success in the accelerator programs. The opportunities such as RocketU and the open innovation programs at Rocketspace will be presented.

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HostCo Liaisons:  This link is updated with your host company signage:

You can print a few off to display at your office on the day of the event, September 18th.

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HostCo liaisons - a little tip to help spread the word about your presentation.  In underneath your company's name is a short URL that you can share on social media to drive attendees to your presentation.  It looks like this: which is the one for Atomic Object

HostCos:  If you have parking information you'd like your attendees to know about, we can add that to your "presentation description."  I also will have a link to general parking and transportation issues, like the Light-Rail construction project and how to avoid it.

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HostCo liaison:  please review the confirmation email letters that were sent earlier this week.  (Check your spam folder if you didn't receive it.)  Look the information over and submit any changes to me so that I can update our information.  The high-lighted information will be shown to the public starting August 11.

Also, if you haven't already, please sign up for the VIP Plenary event on September 17th.  Each HostCo receives 2 tickets.

A good link for a video on what NewCo is can be found at NewCo Festivals

HostCos:  I'm working on the scheduling today based on information we received when you applied.  A confirmation letter will be sent to the liaison later this week.

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The 2014 Detroit HostCo guide can be found here:
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