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Tie-Dye #Cupcakes!

For really bright cupcakes be sure to use neon food coloring.
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Seen these when I went to Disney (I know, no surprise there)... but I could not decide to actually try them... :-/ Just looking at them was... overwhelming enough.
i wonder if your tongue turns all sorts of colors after you eat them...
I have made these with a bunch of kids and their moms. They are very easy to make. One pointer, refrain from the urge to swirl the colors after you put them into the pan. Swirling can lead to muddy colors. They will swirl all by themselves when they bake and the colors will stay sharp this way. And +Irene Chen I don't recall anyone's tongues turning colors, but I think you could easily achieve that by mixing up some tie-dye frosting to top them off with!(◠‿◠)
I want #cupcakes inside my #cupcakes it'd be like inception #cupcakes
Denise, Annabelle m just told me about your cakes . Those are really to pretty to eat.
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