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Kurt Kurdt
Shitty Wicketts b/w Yoga for Pornos Sacred Bones demos
Shitty Wicketts b/w Yoga for Pornos Sacred Bones demos


RACISM needs to be stopped. It is clearly the US war against all immorality. It is so racist, its antiracist, millions of people in this country are going to die!

Robert Sentinery is not a man. All he cares about his money and trying to win my mom's respect so he can get her property. I'm the one who deserves it. I live there. He doesnt, so he's not really a man. He's a spoiled brat, the equuivalent of a grown up socially acceptable faggot or queer. He's not even really macho. Hes a total wussy who's never stood up for anything right in his life. Get it? Yeah, but he thinks he has a right to bully and criticize Anarchists who have so he finally got his...

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Yeah, I would think if anyone was saying to coexist with terrorists, then USA should listen, but they dont care about their own people, they're too corporate and greedy, and thats not political, thats a fact!

I'm done being a wuss! Look, the government might listen to peace, but the stupid ones are going to threaten to murder you for CIA, trust me. The CIA is against hippies and punks equally. Pffft. They are the same thing.

Today was a very empowering and intense day. This is the first time I have stood up to my abusive brother who has defamated me since 1991 through politics and his religious and Arts occult that pretends to protect my incestual mother who is being ripped off by his fascist and racist hypocritical CIA bullshit. This is how it begins. In 1991, I was kidnapped by him and my families CIA cult of Christian Science for a bullshit affirmative action charge that I could have won in court of law. My family was attacking, insulting, and disrespecting me about the very same drugs they were pressuring me to use as a teen. My own family turned me onto marijuana and LSD. Luckily, I never was an addict. I was more of an experimenter, a dabbler, and I maintained my 3.7 GPA to this very day, maybe 3.6 now with an A + in Psychology 101, including many professorial recommendations that I am too gifted for college itself. I was gifted as child and in the programs also. Anyways, since 1991, my family has exhibited a bizarre a childisyh prejudice and discrimination about me, which began when I dated a Jewish female, since then, I have dated two. One was Black also. This has led me to believe that my family is a bizarre CIA occult corporation and fruadulent. I will discuss more soon about it. Anyways, my family has gone out of there way to defamate me, not only in college, jobs, and relationships, but continues to this very day, even though they began as a drug and incest cult. My mother's father was a Colonel in Vietnam, he not only was CIA, but I believe he also was involved in corruption which is part of the whole Washinton, D.C. FBI, CIA, and NSA, DEA programs of authority. I never judged my family for their Nazi ways, I just assumed it was typical of the corporate Democratic Party, even though my Uncle converted to Republican and went into law enforcement and government beyond the CIA. I believe my whole family created who I am, but didn't like it when they found out I was into affirmative action and business, because my family is very authoritarian, greedy, selfish, and corporate, they are the true holocaust family. My mother was in the Estonian/Soviet Union holocaust also. So, anyways, my brother and sister come from my families incest occult, and deny it. They take all their suppressed emotions about it out on me, and assume I'm mentally ill when I'm not. In fact, they have been abusing me with a mental illness label since I was 21 approximately and their claim that I need social services is fraudulent, in fact, they abused me into the program itself along with my deceased Uncle as gang attack more or less, even though they claimed to be my own family. So, I have decided to take affirmative action on my family, for the incest, they abuse, and the way I was raised in their occult. When I was approximately 3, my mother almost murdered me as a Christian Scientist. Her occult once locked me in her own trunk outside the former church at Roosevelt and Central. I came so close to dying of asthma, I was placed in a coma. My father and mother both were incestual. Not to the worst degree, but it was extreme growing up around disfunctional parents. When I was 12, my mom whipped an axe out on me for not wearing castor oil pads, it was only a threat but it sure issued a fear tactic my mom still pulls to this very day when she can't get her authoriarian demands met. My mom has always had an intense Nazi authoritarian complex, not typical of most American Nazi religious occults. My brother used to sexually abuse me to Cure - Love Cats records, and my sister once managed to get the State to let her have control of my guardianship for incestual abuse also. My family is a stupid occult that uses CIA gangs to get their way in business also. This is why I'm sick of their accusations that I'm mentally ill. It's just not true. Today is the first day I finally stood up to my brother after years of abuse and not a single apology. I tried to let bygones be bygones years ago, but my family is secretly very political and religious. All they care about is being corporate authoritarians and fraudulent sociopathic ones. I simply got tired of the abuse and when my brother came storming into the house like a psycho claiming how much he loves this mom none of us really know, who he himself started a war against about her mental illness at around age 13, claiming with my sister that my mom was raising me wrong to be a brainwashed Army brat, I just couldn't take his hypocritical shit anymore. He's the one who trained me to think shes mentally ill, which, she actually is borderline psychotic, no thanks to them, the holocaust, Christian Science, my Uncle, and her husband. So, I finally just told him to leave and stay away from the house and asking me questions about my personal life and that of dynamics at the house. He hasn't respected that request for over 10 years since I first moved back to be my senior mothers guardian. My mother is flippant by the way and does not realize I am. She often breaks the negotiations of the family by having abusive tirades herself centering around religion, government, and authority, something that just doesn't belong in anyone's personal life and it does seem psychotic because she always has had the same behavioral issues on it. I have tried very hard to respect the family and they just are a big fraud which has ruined my career, business, relationships, and freedom. This is proof that some business people are just corporate political and religious government fraud, even to the point of threatening murder, terrorism/counter terrorism, whatever. Someone has to stand up to it! So, to sum it up, my brother came over again threatening, kidnapping by the police, and further authoritarian action. I got fed up after he wouldnt leave and when he charged me I threw him below me and started hitting his head, telling him to respect my life, I let him go, and persisted to stay in the yard yelling at me, crazy hypocritical opinions about me, he wouldn't leave, so I took affirmative action on his car, and he finally left. I am issuing out a citizens request for not guilty compliance, no further police action, and first warning restraining order against him from all communications with me and visitations to the 2929 E. Willetta home. I am also requesting that all political/religious parties and national security interns and agents stay out of this corporate conflict or there is going to be a serious terrorist breach of security. My brother can try to hire a lawyer but he's going to lose. He should have never continued Social Security fraud against me and senior citizens who need a higher cut of it. I used to respect my brother. I used to think I was mentally ill and my sister was also correct in her fraudulent diagnosis. Look, they are just as crazy as my mother but even deeper involved with the US Government and religious occults. It is very serious that noone gets involved especially in a time when authority is so distrusted even by law enforcement, defense organizations itself. Just stay out of it. My brother is clearly not a positive mafia and was involved with me getting attacked by some CIA intern at a bust bench. Stay out of it, man. Seriously.

Politics are seriously about racism, all they care about is putting the bigger group of people up against the nonconformist ones as a government of hypocritical ignorance.

Most runaways actually consent to what they enjoy, escaping authority and getting into what they want to. I did.

Every racist is antiracist. It is human nature to join what you once hated as an extremist. That is because being too extreme about that shit is hypocrite! It is not respect for yourself. Its the USA GOVERNMENT of terrorism and authority.

Yo! The US Government is goody goody and out of control terrorism and incarceration. Get it! They're pigs! Update: If you don't hate authority, how can you call yourself a punk or hippy band or scene? Wake the fuck up! It's not Cool to force authority on the scene! Note: In order to be punk, you have to hate authority and governments, it's a prerequisite that you must be Anarchist and pacifist or everyone PUNK and HIPPY will hate you! Note: You can't be a rat, look, PUNK needs to go back to its poser image. Rats are not posers, they're just imposters! Look, governments are based on belief in God, they are extreme and authority is proof that God is what they believe in. Note: A serious faith in God or government and media crap about Nationalist con wars can get anyone in trouble with Anarchists, not authority. Update: Yo, its not worth it, you can get murdered or killed by the USA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. Everyones a terrorist, including you. Its crrrrrrrazy and not punk or hippy seriously. Many bands are fully sarcastic, brutally, but they do feel like affirmative action for HOLLYWOOD RIGHTS makes sense, no matter what their natural Anarchist and pacifist beliefs are. All PUNK labels and bands want peace if they're actually doing well. I would not pay serious devotional attention to the p.c. government DEMOCRATIC trends of the day or serious religion. It almost got me murdered. I basically was murdered by a racist rogue idiot in Greenpeace.

The USA Government is murderous and killer. The surveillance programs are terrorist, so everyone is one. Everyone is a terrorist. Peace to that. Corporations are terrorists. Terrorism is the act of affirmative action. Standing up for your human rights in a screwed up country at war against freedom for corporate nonprofits. The US Government and law and order is nonprofit and terrorist, trust me on that. Note: The USA has a surveillance program implemented on all artists and minorities. The USA Government is terrorist and active for affirmative action beyond just ALF and ELF. They are are murderers and killers for nonprofit corporations like Democrat, Liberal, Libertarian, and the smaller politically active groups. All governments are terrorists, so Anarchists must be. Peace, love, and Anarchy. Note: The corporate USA is so greedy, so murderous of petty criminals, and so rat, everyone hates authority and agrees with hate groups that are against all authority now. Anarchy and chaos.
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