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Jim Lovasz

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Jim Lovasz

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When enough is enough, "Legal" broad daylight murder of blacks again and again and "Silence."
Photo Credit: Désirée Fawn I heard the cries today. The cries of a thousand mothers who feel like their children cannot walk safely in the streets. The cry of a mother whose child got a backseat view to bloodshed, recorded for the world to see. I heard the roar of the defensive. “Not us!’ they cried, but ... [Read more...]
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Jim Lovasz

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Amazing what one can accomplish with a problem and an old expensive leather suit coat, rarely if ever worn.
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Jim Lovasz

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The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure." -Tibetan Proverb
Life is a wondrous thing, in that all of the best bits o f life can be enjoyed by young and old, rich and poor and people in every country on earth. Live simply. Live well. Be happy.
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Jim Lovasz

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ailerons on!
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I have loved to cook and eat well ever since I was old enough to reach the top of the stove. I can remember watching my mom in the kitchen and having thousands of questions. When I was 7 or 8 years old I used to cook Sunday brunch for our family of eight, which was a real treat for mom.

I now pride myself with cooking just about everything I eat from scratch, or close to it. This takes a bit of “creative” shopping as supermarkets these days do not cater very well to this kind of lifestyle. It is often difficult to find the raw building blocks of good meals there. This also saves me from many hours of reading and attempting to interpret lists of complex ingredients. Even if I could understand half of the stuff listed on the packages I am still left at the mercy of various “experts” to inform me, in their opinion, whether the contents are good, bad or neutral.

Being very active I also enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, roller-blading and kayaking to name a few. This combined with a nutritious diet keeps me fit and trim and I am very thankful for the good health I enjoy.

Writing, especially if what I write can benefit others, is another source of joy in my life. Although I have also been fond of writing for as long as I can remember it was brought to a new level with the advent of the internet. I find it no less than fascinating to have the ability at home to do in-depth research on just about anything one would care to investigate.

Bragging rights
I am the proud father of three beautiful daughters who bring me great Joy. As if that weren't sufficient I have been blessed two awesome grandaughters with whom I am exceedingly infatuated.
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