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Eddy Hope
Freelance Web Designer based in the North East of England.
Freelance Web Designer based in the North East of England.

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There’s and absolute plethora of things you can track or store in your Bullet Journal and since starting mine in 2013, it has helped me more than I ever thought it would. For me, the initial draw of the Bullet Journal was that it didn’t have a screen. I…

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Been quiet on here lately but back with a review of some awesome #stationery. A great #mechanicalpencil. The Pentel Graph gear 1000

Let me know what you guys think. 

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Calendex Update

Hi guys, I know some of you have heard or read about the #calendex (future events solution for bullet journals)

I was asked by Ryder to guest post on bullet journal dot com about the calendex and how I use it now. I'm happy to say the post is live 😀 go check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks in advance if you do.

#calendex #bulletjournal #bujo

Hi guys I need some advice so if anyone can offer their thoughts that would be great.

I have a personal site (mynamedotcom) which I started as my web design site but also had productivity blog posts. I then created a new branded site for my web design/socialmedia business on which I'd like to begin a social media blog.

My issue is this, I'm thinking about merging my productivity/stationary reviews posts (which kind of tie in with my brand name... Creative Nib) on my branded site using it as my online 'hub' and make it more personal and develop it as my personal brand or should I keep them seperate?

I hope I've explained it enough.

Thanks for any input.

#blogging #help #bloggers

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GIF surely must be auto!! Then teach people how to pronounce it.
Really? Gifs Aren't Auto-play?
Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a GIF?

Yea, I said it.

To force a click to get a GIF to play defeats the purpose of having GIFs at all. You're doing it wrong New G+.

If you agree, and you like to see your GIFs right away, without clicking, share this post.

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TAG Heuer's Connected Watch Teaches Google A Thing Or Two About Products With Soul - Forbes 

Your help would be appreciated. We need your votes! Lets get Rorys name up into the skies #nameourplane

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I've already had one new client take advantage of this...

#webdesign #Halloween #discount 
#Halloween #discount! 20% off until November 5th. No Tricks just Treats. Get in touch!

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The zentorno looks good in chrome!

#gtaonline #gtav #rockstar

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Big changes coming from twitter! How do you feel about this?
Is Twitter Seriously Removing Share Counts?
Yes they are, and here’s what people are saying…

You may or may not have heard the recent news about Twitter's recent announcement about redesigning their Tweet and Follow buttons. In that release they also dropped the bombshell that they would be killing off the Tweet counts as well as the API that many developers use to display them in social sharing plugins or analytics. 

Why they thought the still needed to stay is beyond me. 

At Warfare Plugins, we wanted to stay on top of this story and get as many points of view as we could. So we got commentary from some of the people whose opinions we respect and have a grasp on greater social media trends. 

Read the full post here:

We got responses from: 
+Guy Kawasaki
+Peg Fitzpatrick
+Mark Traphagen
+Lori Friedrich
+Brian Fanzo
+Kim Garst
+Jay Baer

The opinions are quite varied. 

What are your thoughts about all this? Will Twitter actually follow through with this? Is it a good or bad thing?

Kudos to +Don Sturgill for the write up. 

#twitter   #SaveOurShareCounts   #socialmedia   #news  
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