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Be interesting to see what sort of reaction this paper gets

Evolutionary argument against Naturalism?
Can someone give me a pithy idea as to why being able to cognitively model reality isn't likely to be the most reliable route to survival?

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i post this as a humanitarian towards those who are not one of the 29 million that have so far seen it

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and here is another gem from Reading 83.
Smoke on the water by Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan on vocals

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Stevie Ray Vaughan live at the Reading Festival 1983.
That weekend by the river was probably the best time I had in my life. I remember we were just listening to this set while messing and rocking out on the Thames.
This is a great quality recording for the BBC radio of a terrific set.
The weekends line up in full:
Auto da fé
Solstice (1)
Pallas (1) L
Hanoi Rocks
Man (1) L
Steel Pulse R
Big Country (1) L
The Stranglers (1) R
Steel Pulse were bottled off after one and a bit songs)
Crazy Angel
Lee Aaron
Heavy Pettin'
Mama's Boys (1)
Magnum (1)
Anvil (1) R
Suzi Quatro (1) L
Stevie Ray Vaughan with Double Trouble (1) R
Marillion (1) L
Black Sabbath (1) R
The Opposition
Twelfth Night (1)
One The Juggler
Sad Cafe (1) L
The Enid (1) R
Climax Blues Band (1)
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (1)
Ten Years After (2) R
Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul (1) L
Thin Lizzy (1) R

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interesting citizen science project
  Check out this video made by the Fossil Finder team on location in Kenya. They have launched a new workflow on Fossil Finder, and with it a special mini-project that we hope can be completed in the next couple of weeks. They are currently out in the…

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for no obvious reason, this song suddenly came to mind. Havnt listen to it for many, many years.
thanks youtube

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I recently discovered the 24/7 Flat Earth Debate YT channel. 24/7 google hangouts on Flat Earth Theory.

O .... M .... G

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So, one of my Youtube subscriptions is to the University of California Television ...
And i get this in my feed ... one of 3 featuring this gentleman actually.
No trigger warning ....nothing
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