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If you are a music producer and are asking questions like "Should I Get A Job" or "When Should I Quit My Job And Do Music Full-time" then please watch this video from start to finish.

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If you're worried about releasing your music because you don't understand how to properly copyright and protect your work then please continue reading.

We have all heard of the horror stories of musicians who have had their music stolen and were unfortunately not properly acknowledged nor paid. Don't let that be you!

In this course you will learn the basics of copyright and how to register your music with the US Copyright Office!

This information will help

- Give you peace of mind
- Protect your music
- Handle your business like a boss
- Get you properly paid or compensated for your work if its stolen
- Check out what current students are saying

"This section of the course was very well explained." - David Gakin

"There's nothing fun about copyrighting your work except for the end result, and Joseph helped me get there as quickly and painlessly as possible. Quick, understandable, and to the point. What more could you need for this type of thing? Thanks, Joseph!" - Faris Monshi

"This isn't the most popular topic but an absolutely necessary one to tackle for all serious music producers and artists. The course gets straight to the point with a no non-sense approach. Everything is explained well and is easily understood. Thanks for this course EvaJ! This course is highly re-commend for anyone who is looking to copyright their musical works. The "tutorial documents" available on copyright(.)gov seems so complicated compared to Joseph's course. He keeps everything simple and easy to follow. One thing I did notice is you forgot to block out/blur your address in lecture 12, you might want to to something about that." - Al Laguna

Stop worrying about your music and take the necessary steps to properly cover yourself!

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This video is from a course I created called "Music Production Bootcamp For Beginners"

Where you will learn:
- How to build your own home studio
- And several production techniques that will help you make professional beats & instrumentals in ANY DAW

My name is Joseph Evans, and I will be leading you in this course. I have over 10 years experience producing music, a recording arts degree, several placements in TV & Film, and have taught thousands of students how to improve their production skills online! Check out a few reviews from the course.

"This course is perfect for a novice like me. I learned a lot and feel that I have everything necessary to get started. Thanks a million!" - Noelle Williams

"Absolutely worth the money if you don't know where to start!!!!" - Jonathan Whitehead

"Throughout his videos, it was easy and clear to understand. I do want to be a professional in music technology/production. This course has started me off to where I wish to go. Thank you so much!!!" - Audra Torres

As you can see I designed this course for beginners and ANYONE looking to learn the basics of music production.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
- Build your own production studio
- Create professional sounding drum patterns and melodies
- Properly arrange your tracks into song format
- Mix your tracks
- Export your music into finish mp3 and wav files
- And ultimately produce quality beats & instrumentals that can be used on Albums, Mixtapes, and TV & Film

The course is taught in a "Learn Then Do" format, meaning that every section will teach you a specific production technique or principle, includes downloadable resources, and an action step at the end!

So you will actually be able to DO what's taught in the course after completion.

The ideal student for this course is someone who is just getting started producing music or a beginner that wants to QUICKLY IMPROVE their production skills. Ultimately they want to create professional beats & instrumentals that can be sold, licensed, or used for personal use but just don't know how!

You don't have to have any production experience or even have your own home studio to enroll - thats all covered in the course. You just have to have an open mind and a drive to learn and apply what's taught!

I was once in your shoes and frustrated with the information online. It was exhausting searching through random videos that I didn't know would help me or not. Waste no more time the answer to your problem is right here.

Enroll in this course now

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