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Drew Kwashnak
Going this way, going that way, and not really making it far in either direction.
Going this way, going that way, and not really making it far in either direction.
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Does this happen to anybody else?

My Android device is on the other side of the room. I wake to find my Pebble saying there's an update I have to install. Nothing else works on the watch.. alarm, time, nothing.

I have to go to my tablet and run the update before the watch returns. Even then, I cannot go into any part of the watch (timer, steps, stopwatch, etc.) except Alarms without it being connected to my Android the first time I try to go into that feature.

It's only started this since Pebble got bought. May be coincidence (or may not be ...). I'm not in a position to go out and purchase an equivalent FitBit so I really hope the watch stays useful.

Anybody else see anything like this?

Installed KDE neon and I have to say it is been a pleasure. The system is responsive and uses little RAM.

I've managed to install almost all of my applications as easy as any other distribution and by the end of one night had 90% of my system moved over to KDE neon (from Ubuntu).

Only thing now that doesn't work is not necessarily the fault of KDE neon (it's a Java error when running Minecraft).

So far, I am really enjoying it and I've always liked the KDE environment. I just might stick with this distro for a while even (no small feat for me).

Question: KDE neon is based on Ubuntu. Does it come with the Ubuntu repositories already included or do they have to manually be added?

Question: Does it come with an office suite installed and if so, which one (Calligra or LibreOffice)?

I'm seriously considering installing KDE neon (LTS) on my laptop and there are a few non-KDE applications I want to install as well.

I'm just trying to get a gauge of what I'll need to do myself in case I need to keep something in mind like changed config files.


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I need suggestions!  I'm looking for a good book for my teenager and I to learn Java.  I do .NET (VB.NET) and PHP programming and he does Scratch pretty well at this point.

I am looking for something that touches upon the basics, but doesn't kill me with boredom.  Hopefully a book that has some good tutorials to work through the material.

If you can, please include a link to Amazon if you can find it so I can add it to my wishlist.


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Does anybody use xfdashboard (  What are your thoughts on it?

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That's a different take on things...

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Pretty cool!  Incredible body control! 
Splendid dancer...Amazing body control ...
#dancer   #dancing   #amazing   #art   #choreography  

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Do you wear your Pebble on your left wrist, or right?
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