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Webworker by nature
Webworker by nature

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Now my mac runs with new lion, all other apps are up to date ;-)
fast and easy - why I used Windows such a long time? I don't know....
...the slowest thing during the update was my small internet connection...

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Montain Lion available for download today, but currently there is an error message if you like to get it
Hope will be fixed asap

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WWDC 2012 Keynote - Zusammenfassung

IOS 6 - Google Maps kicked off ;-)
Now we are becoming a new big player in local market and yelp & co are much more important next time.
Don't forget: more and more traffic for local searches is coming up by smartphone users
time for Siri-SEO ;-)

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I've some trouble to with new Local+
If go into an entry (like local restaurant) and try to click on url of local business I get an 400 error :-(
Tried in Chrome, Firefox and Safari with different accounts but same error

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Es hat begonnen!
..genau das hab ich gemeint mit Zukunftschancen...

Also immer daran denken:
Lauf! Lauf schnell! Lauf weit! Und wenn das nicht geht immer auf den Kopf!
Breaking: Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Chicago Department of Health are on the runway working with emergency crews.

Berufliche Veränderung?
Verdienst wäre bei denen super, aber die Zukunftschancen... Ich weiß nicht so genau...

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what a nice Video 

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