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Bucket List, Adventure, Travel, Experience Junkie, Life List,
Bucket List, Adventure, Travel, Experience Junkie, Life List,


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Bit late posting... I actually got to see these back in March! Who else has seen them? Are they on your list?

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Total Achieved So far – 126/262

Extreme / Wacky Experience Goals – Current Status 28/51

(To view a list of all current posts under this category click here)

Do a wing-walk – I have wanted to do this ever since I first saw the Crunchie team many years ago.
Do a Sky Dive – just because it’s one of those things that most people want to do, and I’d like to experience free fall
Take part in a Flash Mob
Go Indoor Sky Diving
Take an aerobatics lesson in a Stunt Plane 
Have a flying lesson in a tiger moth
Learn to fly a helicopter 
Go Wacky Racing
Race in a Sedgway Rally – BOOKED (Watch This Space!)
Go White Water Rafting
Go on a Desert Jeep Safari
Do the human slingshot
Ride the Worlds highest Rope Swing
Have a hang-glider lesson – Booked – WATCH THIS SPACE
Go Bungee Jumping
Do a Harnessed Catapult Bungee
Cage Bungee Slingshot – Paris
Go Paint balling
Go Go-karting
Climb/scramble/trek up more mountains (because I found it a buzz when my partner first took me to Snowdonia, North Wales and we summited 3 mountains in a long weekend break)
Go Skiing - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
Go Coasteering
Go Rock Climbing
Go Ice Climbing
Go Caving or Pot Holing (we’re off to the Peak District next year for a family holiday, but I am wondering if I might get a chance to do something there)
Go Cave Tubing in Belize (I want to do this having seen it on Annette’s Blog)
Go Caving in a Sea Canoe in Thailand 
Fly in a trapeze
Go Snow Boarding (I snow boarded in Andorra back in February 2005)
Go Jet Skiing
Have a husky sled ride – (Completed – Watch This Space!)
Go Snow Mobiling
Go for a reindeer sleigh ride
Go Zorbing (sphering) down a hill
Go Aqua-zorbing or Hydra-Zorbing (closest thing to a human washing machine apparently)
This is ambitious, but I would like to travel in space, perhaps in a Virgin Galactic Flight
Go on a zero gravity flight (and experience weightlessness)
Ride in a dune buggy through a desert
Ride a Quad Bike in the desert
Go extreme zip lining through the tree tops in the Costa Rica through the rain forest tree canopy
Hover craft racing
Experience Weightlessness
Zapcat Racing – an extremely fast speedboat that bounces along on the water.
Hold a Snake 
Hold a Monkey
Hold a Tarantula
Rope Climbing (in tree tops)
Power fan plummet (possibly in conjunction with the previous rope climbing activity)
Go hover-rafting in the Everglades
Go extreme zip lining from the top of a mountain
Ride the rides at the Top of the Stratosphere
Travel Goals – 23/47

Visit Madagascar
Visit Madeira
Visit the South of France
Visit Iceland
Visit Easter Island
Visit Bolivia
Visit the Greek Islands
Visit St Lucia
Visit The French Polynesian Islands
Visit Brazil
Visit Palau
Visit Costa Rica
Visit Bora Bora (it looks staggeringly beautiful in all of the pictures I’ve ever seen of the island and it’s Atoll).
Visit Thailand
Visit the Island of Phi Phi
Visit Cambodia
Visit Egypt - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
Visit Andorra
Visit Barcelona, Spain
Visit Tenerife
Visit the Isle of Wight
Visit Vietnam
Visit Laos
Visit India (Goa)
Visit Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands
Visit Cyprus
Visit The Dominican Republic
Travel around India – (and notably Bhopal)
Visit Lebanon (Beirut)
Visit Croatia
Travel around Australia
Travel around New Zealand
Visit Japan
Visit the Maldives
Student Exchange Italy
Visit Las Vegas
Take my daughter to visit Santa at Lapland 
Trek the Inca trail, especially in Peru
Visit Paris, France
Visit New York, USA
Visit Amsterdam, Holland
Visit Florida, USA
Visit Kenya, Africa
Visit Mexico – So far only cancun and Chichen Itza
Visit South Africa
Visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Visit Dubai
Physical Goals– 7/14
Cycle in the London to Brighton bike ride
run 10K
Cycle 15 Miles
Cycle 20 Miles
Cycle 25 Miles
Run a Half Marathon
Run a Marathon
Swim a Mile
Swim 2 Miles
Swim 5 Miles
Complete a 14 Day Juice Fast
Run an 8 mile cross-country
Hike Up a Mountain (we scrambled and hiked up 3 – Tryfan, Snowdon and one other in Snowdonia, North Wales)
Complete a 7 Day Juice Fast
Sight-seeing Goals – 19/36
See the Great Pyramids of Egypt
See The Temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
See The Valley of The Kings, Luxor, Egypt - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
See Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Valley of the Kings - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
See the Hospital of Hippocrates in the Greek Island of Kos
See the Statue of Liberty
See the Empire State Building
See the Aphrodite’s rock in Cyprus
Toured Isle of Wight on a Motor-bike (pillion)
See an ice hotel
See the Cave paintings at Bhopal (they’re meant to be 10,000 years old, and more than 200 caves in the space of 20km, all very different)
See the Hollywood Sign
See Monument Valley
See Death Valley
See The Sydney Opera House
See the Red Light District in Amsterdam
Visit Ann Frank’s house in Amsterdam
See Hadrian’s Wall
See Mount Everest in Nepal
See the world Islands in Dubai
See The Great Wall of China
Visit Pompei, Italy
Visit The Colloseum at Rome
See the ruins at Herculaneum in Italy
See the Hoover Dam
See the Stepped Mayan Pyramids and ruins at Chichen Itza
See the Northern Lights
See Niagra Falls
See the Grand Canyon (we flew through it in a helicopter)
See the Eiffel Tower in Paris
See the tombs at Petra
See the Heads at Easter Island
Visit The Valley of Fire, Nevada
See Machu Picchu in Peru
See the Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara (tower) in Kuala Lumpar
See The Giant Buddha Statue in Phuket, Thailand
Music Festival Goals – 6/15  To see all posts under this section click here
Glastonbury Festival – BOOKED! Watch This Space!
Shambala Festival
WOMAD Festival
Secret Garden Party Festival
Hard Rock Calling Festival (Done, Post to Follow)
Boom Town Fair Festival 
Hop Farm Festival (Done, post to follow soon)
V Festival
Lounge on the Farm Festival (a local one in the area where I grew up)
Latitude Festival
Green Man Festival
Vintage Festival
Beautiful Days Festival
Camp Bestival (with my children)
Other Experience Goals – 18/37
Fly an airline style jet simulator 
Fly in a sea plane (preferably somewhere like the Maldives-we did go once before, but the island we stayed at was only a speed boat transfer away).
Fly in First or Upper class (my partner’s airline do not have this-so the closest I have ever come is premium economy, I haven’t even been in Business class).
Travel in a submarine
Try Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga
Go to a camping music Festival (having had my children at a young age, this had somehow escaped me until this year)
Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
Go on a cruise
Go Skinny Dipping!
have drinks in an ice bar
Go ice fishing - (Completed – Watch This Space!)
Watch Derren Brown on tour (I have done this twice now, both Enigma and Swengali)
Go to Disney World
Go to Sea World
Visit Discovery Cove in Florida
Go to the Universal Studios in America
Visit Bush Gardens in Florida
See the Florida Keys
Stay on a Working Ranch in Arizona (by the Grand Canyon)
Fly in a helicopter (so far, we have done this in New York, St Lucia, and Las Vegas/through the Grand Canyon)
Swim with a dolphin
Go diving and see sea turtles
Go on a driving safari in Africa
Go on a camping safari in Africa
Swim under a giant waterfall
Ride on an elephant
Ride on a Camel
Take a pole-dancing class
Complete the renovation work on our house (it’s been unfinished for 4 and a half years)
Climb up the Eiffel Tower (we managed to make it to the last stage before the top)
Go for a long horse ride along a deserted beach at full gallop
Join the Mile High club-haha!
Go Snorkelling in The Red Sea, Egypt
Go on a Spa Weekend With my Mum
Go on a full-on pampering weekend in a luxury manor house spa resort with an in house gourmet restaurant
Go for high tea with some girl friends
Go to a Lady Boy show in Thailand
Spiritual, Personal Growth and Giving Goals – 4/15
Take up yoga
Learn to Meditate
Make time to mediate more often (daily)
Attend a mindful meditation silent day retreat
Re-attend the 8 week mindfulness meditation course I did in 2010 with a resolution to immerse myself in the home practice work
Attend a weekend retreat
Experience a sensory deprivation/Isolation tank
Visit Auschwitz… Might seem like one for the sight seeing list, but it feels more appropriate here because I think it’s a place you go to reflect, experience, absorb, feel and grow rather than just to see as such.
Read at least 1 book about each religion – Discover my true beliefs (I have been raised a Christian, but have suffered a bit of a crisis of faith since I lost both of my fathers, I know I do feel spiritual, but I struggle to believe in any particular faith or religion and would like to educate myself and have the chance to become enlightened).
Graduate from university with a degree
Find a level of satisfaction with being more relaxed and have more patience in my home life with my children
Visit a medium with an open mind, but dont give anything away-I’d like an objective experience as I am naturally sceptical
Participate in Voluntary work abroad for a 3rd world country
Give toys to an orphanage abroad
Help a stranger in need
Relationship & Family Goals – 4/13
Raise children who are happy and healthy
Avoid having petty arguments with my partner – there’s more to life than being right
Do my best to ensure that my children eat healthily and excersise regularly-and enjoy it! 
Invest in my children’s education (either schooling, university or both financially)
Give each of my children the opportiunity to learn a musical instrument (2 out of 3 at the moment)
Take all 3 of my children to Disney - Disney Land Paris with my sons and Disney World, Orlando with my daughter
Become a Grand parent (but not any time soon!)
Have a professional photo shoot of all of my children together
Have a photo shoot with my mother, daughter and I together
Have a Photo Shoot with my partner and daughter
Get re-married (currently debating whether to remove this one as I’ve gone off the idea)
Write a Will
Visit my Uncle in Thailand
Cultural Goals – 4/10
See a Cirque Du Soleil Show- Watched ‘O’ at The Bellagio in Las Vegas
Watch a Royal Ballet Performance
Go to the Opera
Watch Fuerzabruta at The Roundhouse, London – Booked – Watch This Space
Witness Mexican Day of The Dead Festival In Mexico
Read 1984 by George Orwell
Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Take a pottery Class
Go to a Summer Prom
Read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ By Victor Frankl 
Attend a Jazz Festival
Gastronomy Goals – 7/15
Dine at the Fat Duck, Bray – I’m on the waiting list for my birthday, so fingers crossed!
Dine at Shaka-Zulu, London
Dine at The Waterside Inn, Bray
Dine at Nobu in London
Dine at Archipelago, London
Dine at Dans Le Noir blog post coming soon!
Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, (Royal Hospital Road) London
Dine in the Revolving Restaurant at the Top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas (Top of The World)
Eat at Terre a Terre Vegetarian Restaurant, Brighton
Eat Sushi in Japan
Dine at The Rainbow Room Reataurant, at the Top of the Rock, New York
Go on an Indian cooking course
Eat Insects
Try Pigs Head - Blog Post to follow soon!
Go on a cup cake course
House Goals – I wont blog about these, except perhaps all in one go, but they are on my to-do list – 6/7
Finish The Shower room decorating
Finish the Bathroom renovation
Finish our bedroom
Finish the downstairs (We’ve had a concrete floor in our kitchen ever since our extension was built several years ago)
Sort out the Front garden
Landscape the rear garden
Replace our boiler system. 

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After losing 2 my 2 Dads in 9 months, I decided to honour them by resolving to live my life as an adventure full of real life dreams... 

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