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Master Coach To Women Entrepreneurs
Master Coach To Women Entrepreneurs

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Just posted Video #3 in my How To series on Telling Stories to connect with your audience:

Hey everyone, I predict that a battle royal is emerging big time over the next six months or so in the area of digital payment platforms. Open platforms will allow person-to-person payments to be made in a variety of ways, such as online, via mobile phones or via merchant accounts. The payment account will be funded from a bank account, debit, credit or charge account. The goal is to make it so easy and convenient using these platforms, for example by accessing your payment account via apps or via facebook, thus eliminating the need for cash, debit, credit or charge accounts! You will be able to use your account to make online purchases, pay your bills or send and receive money from friends. Digital payments are going to become massive because of the safety, ease and flexibility they provide to us, the consumer. PayPal will be facing big competition from American Express and more especially from, China's most popular online payment system with 500 million registered users in 2010! Yikes! In January this year (2011) Alipay joined forces with Germany's Wirecard. This gives Wirecard, one of the leading payment service providers in Europe, and its 12,000 worldwide vendor customers access to Alipay's fast and secure payment channel. It also means that Chinese tourists have a familiar payment option when travelling in Europe. Wirecard's clients who run outbound tourism businesses must be very happy campers! It's going to be BIG!

Following J.R. Raphael's advice on how to share a private message on G+ My message was marked 'Limited', so I think it worked! Here's what I did: Type message in Stream as per usual, delete Public then click 'people to share with...', and insert a + followed by the name of the person in inverted commas like so + "..." - after you start typing, the name will pop up in a menu - then click share!

Does anyone know why the video I successfully downloaded from YouTube (or so I thought) doesn't show up under my video tab?

On the other hand, there are two videos there that apparently can only be seen by those who have already viewed them - doesn't make sense to me!

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Uploading videos to FB & Google+ from YouTube is so sloooow! This is my all-time favorite plugin for uploading videos to a WordPress blog fast! No more fiddling around copy and pasting the full embed code from YouTube, and having to switch from Visual to HTML when creating your post. Literally, all you have to do, is add a ‘v’ after http – as in httpv://www … then your YouTube URL … right into your post in Visual mode! That's it, sorted! It's called 'Smart YouTube'...
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