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Jessica Travis
I'm just doing what I love! Teaching, inspiring, and changing the child at a time!
I'm just doing what I love! Teaching, inspiring, and changing the child at a time!

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Spring Break Challenge
The first two words of this titled post.... describe the glorious week that has just begun!  That's right... this Texas gal is officially on Spring Break! February was probably one of the craziest months for me personally as I felt like I didn't have a seco...

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Planning for Small Groups!
Welcome to February sweet friends!   Man.... January just slipped right in and back out again.  It seems like we JUST had Christmas!   We are getting our feet pretty wet in the world of Guided Reading down in the world of kindergarten! We don't really start...

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The Alphabet - Up Close and Personal
Is this a blog?  Am I blogging? It's been well over a month since my last blogging adventure (I apologize for that!) but with a few SDE conferences, the holidays, and everyday life as a mom, wife, and teacher.... blogging somehow got put on the backburner! ...

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Merry GRAPHmas with Reindeer!
See that title..... that's right... we about to head into my FAVORITE month of the year!  DECEMBER.... here we come (full of high-energy kids who completely forgot the classroom rules after Thanksgiving break... but that's ok!) I absolutely love THEME teach...

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ESGI - Your New Best Friend!!!
Happy Saturday friends! I just had to stop in today and tell you about MY NEW BEST FRIEND in the classroom!   I mean.... Super excited, kick up your heels, can't wait to get to work kind of friend!  I have been presenting for SDE (Staff Development for Educ...

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SDE Conference RECAP!
Happy Thursday Friends! This week has definitely been an interesting week!  (Full Moon, Sub, some other crazy things..... you know... the joys of Kindergarten!) The week did start off pretty AMAZING as I got to spend a few days with some blogging buddies an...

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Pumpkin Number Freebies!
It's Thursday.... it's Fall... yet down here in Texas, you wouldn't know by the 93 degree temps outside!  (I'm trying to be really patient to bust out my sweaters and booties for Fall!)   We did manage to have a pretty good cold front come through today tho...

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Mission: INTERVENTION ~ The Alphabet
Hello October. September seemed to fly by.  Really fast.  Pretty sure I only blogged once during the last month and I really do apologize.  Lots of things kept me from blogging... you know... work and teaching, being a mom, staying afloat in the back to sch...

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Back to School Assessments
Happy Monday! It's the start of week 4 for me and it's officially time to get down to business!  The honeymoon stage is over (long gone!), the students are completely comfortable in the classroom, and we are knee deep into the curriculum now!  (with a few p...

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Fun with Decomposing Numbers!
Day 13 for me here.  Yes... 13 days of school already down.  I mean seriously, it literally seems like the first day was yesterday.  It's already flying by! We all know down in Kinder-World that the entire first (and second, probably third, and even the 4th...
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