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Happy Mother's Day!

How would you describe your mother in 3 words or less?

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Read about the many benefits to learning English through social media as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & more. Join our ETO social media community!

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English Tutor Online would like to take a moment to share some Easter inspiration with you:

Teach yourself to be generous to yourself and to others. Allow for the process of learning new things. Share your blessings with others. These ideas are the true essentials of Easter Sunday.

Have a beautiful & blessed Easter!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

These sweet shamrocks have 6 different faces expressing special emotions!

Let's talk! Practice your English fluency, and comment below with your answers to each one.

Image © Jenna Rayburn

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Happy Leap Day!

Fun Facts: 

Occurring only once every four years, this  unique day adds an additional 24 hours to our 365 day calendar, thus giving us a total of 366 days for the year, including, of course, February 29 as an intercalary day.

This means those who are born on February 29th will only get to celebrate their Birthdays every 4 years!

Test your vocabulary: What does intercalary mean? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

Curious about words or meanings? Sign up Now for a free English class and start learning English today!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

How much do you know about the famous day of hearts?

Fill in the blanks:


even, this, one, they, only, other, gone or across

Valentine's Day is ________ of the most famous holidays in the world. It falls on February the 14th and is celebrated ________ the world. It is the traditional day for lovers to express their love to each other. They do ________ by sending Valentine’s cards with romantic messages. It is common to leave the card unsigned. ________ traditions on this day are buying chocolates and giving red roses. Valentine’s Day used to be an American and European thing, but now it has ________ all over the world. It has become very commercial. Companies that make Valentine’s goods ________ encourage people to send Valentine’s cards to their parents and other family members! In Japan, ________ women give Valentine’s gifts – to all the men ________ know.

Part 2:

*Bonus: Fill in this short love poem and give it to that special someone today!

never, true, always, experienced, felt &blue

Roses are red, violets are blue,
___a love so ___.

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Do articles still confuse you? Read our last part of the blog series here:

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Using Articles with Country Names
Using Articles with Country Names
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These are the MOST COMMON chat acronyms used by Native English speakers. How many of them do you already know? Which is your favorite?

B4 Before
BF / GF Boyfriend / Girlfriend
BRB Be right back
FB Facebook
BTW By the way
GR8 Great
IKR I know, right?
IMHO In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
J/K Just kidding
LMBO Laughing my butt off
LOL Laughing out loud
NSFW Not safe for work. Content may be inappropriate.
OMG Oh my God
PLS or PLZ Please
PPL People
TMRW Tomorrow
TTYL Talk to you later
i c I see

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Happy New Year 2016!

English Tutor Online would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our ESL students and fans for being with us throughout the year of 2015. We appreciate all of your support as we are happy to know we have an incredible amount of English learners on our team. Thank you! May your year be prosperous and successful!
ETO is a firm believer that communication is the key to success in many areas. In 2016, let's make it a goal to better our English & to better our way of communicating with others.

Let's talk today!

#ESLLEARNING   #happynewyear2016  
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English Tutor Online would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you and thank you for learning with us!

#ESL #MerryChristmas
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