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Carl Nash
A Gnash in a Gworld - check out for more
A Gnash in a Gworld - check out for more

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"Oh Cookies" by Leo Nash. My son wrote a great song :)

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Bear dogs ( That's what's new with me. I hadn't run into these extinct North American carnivores (more closely related to dogs than bears) before. Gonna have to stat these up for the pre-historic time traveling portion of my 5e game :) 
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My nursery song game is on point now that I have a two-year old son.

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Adventures in the City of the Dead
I am trying a new approach to dealing with sessions that multiple players have to miss in my new Waterdeep campaign.  If I know in advance that multiple players can't make it, I am running some one shots in the same campaign for a second set of higher level...

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Giambattista's Megadungeon
Doing some organizing in my D&D folder on my computer today I came across this incredible megadungeon map drawn by Giambattista Nolli in 1748 .  I think I came across this one day while Google image searching for floorplans and recognized it for the masterp...

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As promised, more maps - Blue Opal House
I promised my 5e Waterdeep Campaign group that I would post the above-ground, more-or-less public levels of the Blue Opal House before our next session.  One of these days soon I will finish up the recaps of session 1 and 2 and that will included some backs...

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As promised, some maps
We just had the  2nd session of my new Waterdeep campaign yesterday.  I promised the group I would post some maps for them to reference. During our first session the group had scraped together and paid a rush fee (50gp) to the Surveyors, Map & Chart-Makers'...

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Starting Friends
The first session of my new 5e Waterdeep campaign is tonight - getting excited!  Just finished up a table for determining some random "starting friends" that each PC will already know in the city.   Here is it in  one page .PDF format. Table headings: You b...

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Three Magical Items
Pouch of Concealment Twisting the jewel clasp of this pouch in a particular pattern creates an illusory double of the pouch’s contents at that moment.  This illusion will persist even if the contents are removed or other items are added.  The illusion is al...

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Like Lewis Carroll on acid with Lovecraft thrown in
The Fungus Forest was featured on the Roll For Initiative podcast .  I think they gave us a new tagline: This is like Lewis Carroll on acid with Lovecraft thrown in. Check it out!
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