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Robert Nsinga
I'm here for a real reason!
I'm here for a real reason!

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What am I doing wrong? Using Android Studio 2.3.3 and Gradle 2.14 for writing Java 8 code.

Getting a "Cannot resolve symbol" for stockID (in red).
Compile error: Error:(23, 54) java: incompatible types: int is not a functional interface (stockToRating)

Please help! 😰
#lambdas #compile

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Other than that live painting on +Chrome Experiments, I really can't wrap my head around this VR thing...

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Please watch...
The talk is primarily about efficient code, and is very inspirational..IMO

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Anyone with some +Zurmo CRM experience? Finding documentation on how to add new modules is excruciating. If you can't spare some time, please point me in the right direction. Don't worry, I have tried all sorts of community forums. Thanks in advance...

#WWMD with less than 10k? I wonder... #Ceable #KirakaByCeable #ComposableEntreprise

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Our worlds are frittered away in details... Simplify, simplify! -- Sir Henry David Thoreau

Happy 16th birthday +Google!

Meanwhile the Blackberry Passport kinda tickles my fancy! #BendGate #Apple #RIM +Marques Brownlee are you reviewing it soon?

Arguing with a woman is like reading an EULA. Scroll to the bottom and simply click 'I Agree"... #ThoughtfulTuesday
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