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On a Personal Note – One Reason Why I Write
“I always wanted to write
about my coming to America, where I was able to be successful.”   This quote came from an immigrant that never
graduated High School and arrived here without speaking English.   By the time he made the comment above, the
accent was...

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The Best Way to Enjoy the Holidays – As a Family
As the opening strains of
“There’s No Seder Like Our Seder” begin, I look around the room at the family
and friends that have gathered to celebrate this first night of Passover.   Both daughters came home from college for the
Seders, a holiday / event that ...

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Standing Naked on a Hill
Have you ever thought of standing naked on a hill? Where
you can be the king or queen of the world and not have any cares in that
moment?   It would be a moment unto
itself, with just you and nature as one, feeling the cool breeze against your
body, being a...

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Trimming the Bushes
Each spring, I get to look
out my window and look at the trees and bushes that are on our property and on our
neighboring properties.   A number of
years ago, the town replaced a tree on the street side of our property.   I watch each year as the tree grows...

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Here I Go Again
I found out something
interesting.   Over the last two weeks, I
have come to notice my wedding band more, whether by looking at it, or merely
touching it.   I also have a shirt and
house pants from both the University of Hartford and Johnson and Wales

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Up, Up and Away
The plane casually taxied down
the runway.   Even though the plane was
ready, the number of checks and crosschecks prior to reaching this point was
important (proper procedures) prior to takeoff.   James went over the passenger briefing to make sure I under...

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The Focus of a Dog
We often laugh at the
inability of a dog to focus.   I was able
to observe this, recently, while walking the dogs.   Our older dog, Lucy Lou, happily walked
alongside me.   We were having a nice
conversation when she politely excused herself, sniffed around...

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Home Alone, or, the Sound of Silence
Day 2 – Today, I sit at home
all by myself.   Bec came home for her
trimester break and her and Debbie have gone to Florida for a few days.   I am happy that the two of them went away
together, as this is a good school break for Bec and a great chance for s...

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We Have Done our Children a Disservice!
Do we provide a proper and
appropriate education for our children?   My girls are in college, have decided on the initial direction of their
lives and are starting to focus on their futures.   Am I too late to start having these types of
thoughts?   Gab was...

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My grandfather grew up in a
small village in Austria, today it would be located in the Ukraine.   Life might have been tough for a Jew in that
part of the world, during the early part of the 1900’s, but, life was simpler
compared to today.   I remember one ...
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