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Ruth Morrison
Writer of the Pantomum blog
Writer of the Pantomum blog

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To Flee or Not to Flee
yesterday we woke up and the dog had a bald patch right by his tail. I took him
to the vet and they found a solitary flea. (This is despite all the pets using
the vet approved flea combo treatment). It turns out that although the flea
liked our dog, our ...

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The hamster
on the wheel - Summer holidays always have that effect– great fun, but
absolutely knackering.  And when you get
through them you don’t know which direction to walk (in the case of Mums with
school age kids, it is generally en masse, in the direc...

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Teenage Holiday
It’s like midday,
it’s teenage o’clock OMG
tripping, am I wicked or wot? Washing up,
still piled high in the sink, What do you
mean, didn’t I stop and think? The
dishwasher’s full, duh, you know it’s clean Empty it?
What on earth do you mean? Pasta? You’re

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holidaying in Wales with teenagers - make it an adventure

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An adventure in Wales (Part 1)
So the
holiday season is upon us and my social media pages are full of glorious
sunshine shots of faraway shores and lakes, people straddled awkwardly across
grumpy looking camels and endless photos of exotic looking drinks. It’s a
voyeurs’ fantasy land, wh...

Post has attachment  an ode to all of those parents of growing boys... you are not alone

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A ditty for all of those mums and dads with growing boys... you are not alone... ;)

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When a Play room seems past it, but your kids need some space to call their own.  Building a Teen Room from The House That Never Rests

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Mum of Boys
The fridge
opens once again, shuts softly once more A rustle
belies the bread bin, as crumbs hit the floor The clink
of plates, the swish of juice, the sound of a happy crunch The
chomping, and the slurping, an hour after lunch. The arguing
over who has lef...

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Ruth Morrison commented on a post on Blogger.
Oh we've all been there!  The post made me laugh out loud - love the two car seat/client syndrome - that happened to me once.  Another favourite was when a couple of clients came to see me at home and when I came back with the tea they were both absorbed with my kids playdoh... And I constantly feel like an imposter as I look at my three kids and wonder what on earth I'm doing!! Great post
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