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Donald Trump Presidency begins
So it's March 21st, 2017 , approx 60 days into the Donald Trump presidency . Donald J Trump is both a boon and a bane for free speech ! Boon for anyone can troll him on twitter every time he embarrasses himself and get away with it (1st amendment ) and bane...

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On Most days after watching a game most weekends I go to to read post match posts, and its one of those place on the web which I find comforting (knowing I wont read something too distressing, apart from United playing badly) . The internet today...

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Milky Way Timelapse @Cherry Spring State Park, PA
On my recent visit to Cherry Springs State Park, in Central Pennsylvania, managed to grab some decent shots of our home galaxy. July 2nd 2016 , was 2 days away from New Moon, but the moon had not risen yet, so we managed to see some exceptionally dark skies. 

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Sunday Morning Musings
America the land of the free,home of the brave and also crazy delusional men with lots of automatic guns. Depressing to read about the latest attacks in Florida. Brace yourself for a few days of pointless debate on islamophobia and 2nd amendment and NRA and...

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My Issue with Organized religion.
My issue with organized religion is that you have to allow someone else telling you what you can eat,and when, or even how much! This is the 21st century, we have to accept that one can easily decide for himself/herself if he/she chooses to or not chooses t...

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State of Affairs in India (Mar 2015)
I just realized, whenever I don't have any interesting experience or thoughts to share, I could simply rant about my home country and the shit it has to deal with. To start with , this whole the #aibroastoffendsme bandwagon followed by the BBC documentary, ...

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Why I am an Athiest ? (Part 1)
In the first post in a series of posts on this topic, I would like to begin with the reason for writing this, many people from where I come from have never really contemplated the idea that there can be a world without any God or that the God Hypothesis is ...

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Airplanes !
This evening I was jetlagged, on the back of a 2 week vacation in In India where I travelled in the south and west (Thiruvanthapuram , Goa and Mumbai ). I was peeking out the window from my bed to see a constant stream of aircrafts flying along this narrow ...

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United can win the title !
YES, as outlandish as that claim is, you gotta take it with a pinch of salt, coming from a very old faithful united fan who has grown up to watching them chase down big leads before, remember chasing down arsenal back in 2013 ? (the captain agrees with me h...

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you truly are the center of the universe !
now before I write anything, I want to clarify the title, its not intended to be cheesy or be poetic or whatever, no drama, this is a fact. you can check out the details in this really long (58 mins) talk by Prof Lawrence Klaus which shows why and how this ...
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