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Michael Siebold
Husband. Evil Wizard. Father. Galactic Inquisitor. Cubicle Monkey. Dashing Rogue. GM.
Husband. Evil Wizard. Father. Galactic Inquisitor. Cubicle Monkey. Dashing Rogue. GM.

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It's time to recap #Origins2018 for my own sanity, so I can remember as much as possible in the whirlwind of four days.

For a second year, my experiences at the Games on Demand room defined my con experience. I'm grateful to take part in such a positive experience.

I ran three sessions of Dogs in the Vineyard, a session of The Warren using the amazing Anahuac and the Flowery Dream setting. I was lucky enough to play Bluebeard's Bride and Best Friends Forever with some really great folks.

Outside of Games on Demand, I had a chance to run Bluebeard's Bride for myself and play in a load of other great games: The Witch, The Quiet Year, We Are Here to See the Evil Wizard Kormakur, Baron Munchausen, Honey Heist and a hot mess of All Outta Bubblegum.

Sunday morning came quick. I consider myself lucky to be afforded the opportunity to take part in a week like this. I'd like to say thanks again to everyone who helped make this another great experience. Here's to 2019.

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Two months till Origins. The excitement is building. +Evan Torner is there a timetable for when G.O.D. volunteers hitting the 16+ hour mark should expect to hear back regarding GM badges?

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Tonight concluded the 14th and final session of BitD for the Voidcallers, with the Stories & Dice crew. Their service to Asgot, the Mistress in the Stars culminated with their hostile takeover of a rival cult's attempts to reincarnate an ancient demon in the flooded railway lines far beneath the cathedral of the Church of the Ecstasy.

The Ink Rakes won't soon stop writing about the hulking goat demon, comprised of drowned bodies, that erupted into the sanctum of the church during service.

Over the last three months the little cult that could has robbed a leviathan hunter ship. Firebombed an inspector's office with munitions stolen from Skolv terrorists. Demolished a Rail Jack's work camp with a ghost-powered storm. And lured trusting allies to secret rituals only to exercise their souls into shambling corpses to offer their goddess a temporary vessel.

For as crisp and quick as the system handles the fiction, the interaction with the mechanics felt a bit slow and deliberate for the first four or five sessions while the players got their feet under them. But there were some undeniably sharp sessions facilitated by the system as well. I'd love to run/play this again with a more straight up crimin' crew.

Oh yeah, the Roll20 play space kind of got a little out of hands. Next time, a bigger emphasis on a smaller relationship map with more importance per NPC. The headcount got out of hand.

A huge thanks to my dedicated players: +Craig Wolf, +David Klein, +Josh Riggins and +Max Vanderheyden.

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I'm so very excited to get my hands on +Thomas Novosel​ 's Runaway Hirelings again. Clear a spot on the schedule because it's worth the time!
Runaway Hirelings in PDF for $6!

You can get it in PDF here:

So the final weight is that it has a bunch of my inktober art (THE PLAN WORKED GUYS! IT GOT ALL THE ART DONE!), and is a 40 page pdf, about a 36 page rulebook. And I made cool handouts and character sheets for it, that way you just have to toss it at people and it will work! Well the GM should read the rulebook first obviously.

Here is some creative detes:
Preparation Required: The GM needs to read the rulebook, players don't need to read the rules as long as the handouts are available.

Time to play: Somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the size of the group and the amount of time you have to play.

Players: 1 Game-Master, and 1-5 player characters (hirelings).

Contents: Rules book PDF (36 pages), Handouts PDF, lowres Rules book PDF.

Runaway Hirelings is a tabletop role-playing game about hirelings escaping a dungeon, where the dungeon is created as they are escaping it by all the players and the dungeon architect (aka Dunarch, but gamemaster works as well). These hirelings have specific skills which are useful in specific instances, but fighting isn't even an option they are so bad at it. So the trap-poker may just have to set off some traps as they go rolling down the staircase if they want to stop an ogre from pursuing them into the next room.

This is a zero prep game, the dunarch needs to read the rulebook before play, and while it is preferred that the players taking on the roles of the hirelings read the rules text before play, they don't need to because of how the character sheets are setup. Just print out a bunch of the hireling types, and a couple copies of the rules sheet (in the Handouts pdf).

Check it out yall! :D

Thanks to +Benjamin Kramer +Slade Stolar +Michael Siebold +Tony Obert +Owen Kerr +Jarrett Crader +Maria Rivera !
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I have a cash-strapped cult who is facing a tier increase without ample Coin in the coffers and a Spider who is scheming to earn some extra scratch on the side using Downtime Actions.

My gut says Acquire Asset doesn't apply because the rule state the asset is temporary; while the Coin would be spent the benefit would persist. So that takes my brain to a Long Term Project to earn Coin. It feels like a valid avenue to me -- what are your experiences?

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I opted to go the glyph-eyed polyps route.
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I did a thing.

Is it the start of a colony of glyph-eyed polyps? A cyclops with conjunctivitis? You be the judge.
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Time to shake off the holiday dust and get back into the #onepager swing of things.

Let's take a dive into changes status quo and how folks respond. Treat the 'stranded on a desert island' premise as literal as you'd like. The jelly is in the conversation and set-up questions.
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#RPG3x3 Monkey see, monkey do.

3 RPGs Most Recently Played
D&D 5e
Blades in the Dark
Freebooters on the Frontier

3 RPGs I’ve Enjoyed the Most
The Warren
Fall of Magic

3 RPGs I Want To Play
Sagas of the Icelanders
Bluebeard's Bride
Burning Wheel
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Who couldn't use more Blades in their life? Follow the exploits of the Voidcallers, an ambitious cult running amok in Doskvol.
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