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#Fantasy action where demons are on the verge of sending the world into madness. A dark tale of #seduction by the god of #death and an elven warrior that will stop at nothing to free his family! TRY IT OUT!

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The dead are everywhere. The elves and dwarves have been beaten down and now make a last flight to the safety of a hidden city in the far north.

Newly edited intro to my fantasy trilogy available FREE! #fantasy #free #swordandsocery #elves #magic

I fall upon corpses of my enemy
black blood caresses my fingertips
the stench of their dead beneath me;
gives my soul pleasure.
#fantasy #5

I am the lone blade
the shadow of elvish might
the Blade of Urlas to give hope.
Stars fall from above
as my blood spills.
#fantasy #4

Slashing, slicing
cutting, gnashing.
Foul mouthed black blood bastards
To the Great Poet,
I send these orcs
Goddess with me.
#Fantasy #3

Tis not a door of wooden bars
or carved stone of dwarves.
But a gap of earthen green
They approach;
and I raise blade so keen.
#fantasy #2

Glimmering shimmer
upon mountain river
my hand upon hilt once more.
The vile of orc breach our lands,
I stand to hold the door.
#fantasy #1

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