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Bella tell me
How many heartbreaks is it gonna take till I find the right one..
She never loved me, and I destroyed myself believing she did.
I fixed her, she broke me
I'm crying and I don't even know how I got in here.
I am in love with the woman I could never have
This breaks my heart.
Bella Broken hearts unite

(C) Nkwain JP Sam - May 2018

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We are available to send one of our staffs to travel with the buyer right to the country where the goods come from so as to ensure accuracy and better logistical channels.

Our offer prices are unbeatable in the market and we supply at competitive prices. We have key partners and associates and are always ready to provide opportunities for suppliers as well as represent products and brands.

We continually strive to improve product reliability consonant with optimal costs and commercial viability. In order to bring your products that are both affordable and of the highest quality, we refuse to cut corners, instead, we rely on our strengths – strong buying power, reduced overhead expenses and managed distribution costs.
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We strive to have a continuous strong presence when it comes to commodity distribution and company representation. We rely on logistic companies for our importation meanwhile we have a firm sales and distribution team which is well grounded in Cameroon and around the CEMAC Zone, who are skilled and professional and are well versed in applying in-depth technical understanding to meet consumer expectation.
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Imagine a case where just five of you are left in the pool of competitive applicants..................................and its now left for each and everyone to bring out their competitive advantage ............................In other words - Why should your potential employer hire you and not the other person?

These are tips we shall be giving you at GENERO CAPACITATION CENTRE.

Don't miss out. Come and learn how to brand yourself and stand out.....its a chance not to miss...Tell someone and help them in their Career path

......Tel: 678167943
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Then it's time to work on your customer service.

Begin by checking your Manners of approach.

In your dealings with clients, first attendance matters a lot.

In building, developing and expanding your branded visions, how you treat and attend to a client for the first time, matters.

It is your "welcome" or "Good-bye" note to them.

It doesn't matter who the client is, how much the pay is or if its even free.

First attendance retains or chases a client.

It could also grant you more opportunities or chase away opportunities.

Your clients are one of your biggest advertisers.
You mess up with them, they mess up your market.

Be cautious of every first attendance.

Grab a copy of


By Nkwain John Paul Sam

Read it daily to enhance your customer service skills.

Invite our team for training sessions on Good Customer Service

Join our WhatsApp group - 678167943 where we discuss related topics.

Don't forget,
Your customers don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
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Are you are fresh graduate needing a job or an experienced professional looking forward to changing your career within their specialized field of work?

We are there to walk with you in an effective manner.

We do develop and transform as well as simply (break the boundaries) relating to job and job hunt as well as people management activities.

Don’t forget, talent is never enough.

Your attitude and not aptitude will determine your altitude.

Environment plus opportunity equals employment.

There’s more.

Grab your copy of - WHAT CAN YOU DO

We are there to accompany and guide you as you marvel at the insights about you and your job environment

Call us at 678167843

Our training is going on at bonanjo in Douala
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We offer four efficient and effective consultancy services -

1. Commercial Brokerage,
2. Strategy,
3. Technical Assistance
4. Capacitation.
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Have you ever attended job interview?

Do you know that the job interview is the last stage to your getting employed?

There’s a lot that is expected of you then.

Let me give you one tip –

You have to blow your own Trumpet

There is a lot of noise out there in the world, and if you want to stand out during such a decisive moment, you have to be able to communicate why you are worth one of the most valuable.

Now, I am not saying that you should start acting and sounding like a complete prideful, idiot.

You do not want to rub people the wrong way.

But you do have to be vocal about your unique value,

Join us and get the tips.

Topic: Job interview tips

Reserve your space now - 3000F

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Genero John Genero is a strategic consultancy firm.

The concept "Genero" here stands for Innovation, and we strongly believe that through innovation every obstacle can be overcome - breaking boundaries.
We have FOUR major consultancy services, which can always be detailed upon request. They include:

1. Brokery

2. Strategy

3. Technical Guidance

4. Capacitation

More details on our website -
Home | Genero
Home | Genero
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