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Christine Perry
A lasting Impact ~ A change we can all live with!
A lasting Impact ~ A change we can all live with!

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I usually do not do this, but a friend of mine shared this with me for his sister. She has a long road to recovery and is need of some serious financial help and prayers. Please donate if you can, but more importantly share her story and pray for her.

#gofundme #medicalnightmare #familyinneed

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ON SALE! Buy one get one free now through May 5 . You will get 12 Barnyard mix fertile hatching eggs. 18.00 includes shipping for SC Residents only via USPS Priority mail. Your mix could include RIR, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Comets, Black Star sexlinks or Black Barred Minorcas.
You can place your orders through paypal, our farm link is: or order off our Facebook page at

#fertilehatchingeggs #halfpricesale #buy1sixpackgetonefree #freeshipping #SCResidentsonly #localfarms #adamsrunsc #ravenelsc #cottagevillesc #dorchestersc #walterborosc #leapinghensandhoovesfarm
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The #incubator started popping the shells early this morning and I was able to catch a video of one of the chicks making it's way out.

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Farm Fresh eggs collected daily. The farm is open on Saturdays from 10 am - 1:00 pm for pick up.We are licensed with SCDA. We also currently have 1 wk old chicks for sale that we have hatched here on the farm. Fuzzy, soft and adorable!
Are you or someone you know looking to hatch their own? We can help you there as well. Selling fertile eggs to SC Residents.

#farmfresheggsforsale #fertileeggsforsale #adamsrunsc #cottagevillesc #leapinghensandhoovesfarm #chicksstraightrun

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Good Sunday morning Friends! I hope you have a wonderful day. If you or anyone you know is in need of farm fresh eggs or eggs to incubate here is a link to our farm located in Adams Run, SC. We also sell locally our Hens, pullets and cockerels who are hatched here on the farm. Many beautiful birds to choose from. We have 2 upcoming hatches this month to choose from.

#localfarms #adamsrunsc #farmfresheggs #eggsforhatching #nubiancrosskids #dayoldchicks #layinghens

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5 Nubian cross kids so far in 2017 :)

#farmlife #everydayisgoaturday #nubiancrosskids #sustainableliving
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Chicken breeds that lay a lot of eggs and how to increase those numbers.

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White Pekin ducks are the perfect addition to any farm. They do not fly off and stay close to their adopted family.
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