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Catching bullets! How would YOU make this character?
If you ever need a quasi-historical Victorian superheroine, here's a woman that doesn't need a lot of embellishment to be one. Heck, she's even said to have worn "spangled red tights"!

+Bill Logan So I'm working on adventure prep for our next FS episode and I was thinking about how to be consistent with racial naming conventions (characters and place names) within the FS setting. Do you have some (additional) advice or guidelines? Some of this is implied, as in the Yar Clan Table (p 39). Just wondering how you do it?

Hey all you veteran soloists! What are your three favorite RPGs for solo play and why?


SUPERS Revised: Simple opposed roll mechanics but provides great narrative depth and flexibility. Covers a wide range from local vigilantes to planet-shakers.

Scarlet Heroes: Familiar Basic D&D framework scaled for awesome lone hero action. Also has some good solo tables.

“D00lite” which means Covert Ops, Barebones Fantasy, and Frontier Space: These games - especially Frontier Space - is the perfect composite of Star Frontiers and James Bond 007 percentile systems. Very intuitive and flexible, but allowing a nice amount of crunch for modern and sci-fi equipment and vehicles.

How about you?

Still studying Covert Ops for my next session, I noticed that some of the Martial Arts Maneuvers were things that I was granting based on player narrative, such as Hard Block (using STR as a resistance) or Take Down (where I let a martial artist execute this maneuver even though they didn't have it.)

So this led me to the question, how do you handle a "called shot" type of attack. For instance, a hero is in a brawl and he wants to kick sand in the face of the bad guy. The hero doesn't have a maneuver, such as Stun Attack, to support it.

Or beyond hand-to-hand, how about when an operative wants to specifically shoot a target in the hand or leg?

I thought about requiring that such improv attacks must succeed by 10 or 20. Another idea is that specific attacks require a round of set-up time (like aiming).


I've been revisiting The Simarillion to improve my lore knowledge of Middle Earth as I contemplate ideas for an eventual TOR campaign. One canonical twist I'm considering is replacing The Necromancer of Mirkwood with a different historical evil. There are two beings that I find particularly intriguing because of the vagueness of their fates:

Ungoliant - the Mother of All Spiders - supposedly last seen with Melkor as they fled with the Simarils.

Lungorthin - the forgotten son of Melkor, brother of Sauron. Along with Gothmog, he was one of the Lords of the Balrogs.

I have much yet to read of the various supplements for TOR. Would such a change in cast render some of the material useless? How would this impact the events and interactions of the Nazgul?

I ran my first session of Covert Ops last night! This is the first time I've ever purchased an RPG and run it on the same day. We had a blast too! Of course, I didn't get everything right, but it still worked just fine. I really enjoy the basic mechanics of d100lite.

I noticed that CO is going to be revised based on the new FS variant. I think that will put CO2 over the top for me as the go-to action game!

Has anyone come up with house rules in which unencumbered or lightly-armored characters can get a Parry bonus for being quick?

Should such a bonus be allowed for Traits like Nimble or Swift? (I know Traits are not supposed to have mechanical bonuses like that.)

Just brainstorming how to make a fast-styled swordsman.

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My third video in the Gamescape series features Stars Without Number Revised (beta 0.9, pre-kickstarter) and an account of a day at North Texas RPG Con!
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