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Third attempt to post this, so I apologize if you see it more than once.

This is my take on one of the open-ended bits from Adventure Most Fowl.

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Here's my take on one of the open-ended scenarios from +Howard Beleiff's Adventure Most Fowl. This literally puts the "seed" in plot seed. (This may be a double post, but I didn't find where my first attempt posted)

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+Howard Beleiff This is what I came up with for the Herald introduced in your Adventure Most Fowl. It will be interesting to see if it is anything like the creature you had envisioned!

+Howard Beleiff My 1e group finished Adventure Most Fowl - sorta - last night! Everybody really seemed to enjoy it! They really engaged with several of the NPCs in Kith. The adventure is quick and straightforward, which is suitable for getting a group started (and allowing the old DM to shake of some rust!). It was a rollicking good time.

------------------SPOILER ALERT -----------------------
In order for it to fit the campaign circumstances, the Constable was ill and needed the help, whether he'd admit it or not. In terms the investigation, the players asked some good questions about the break-in and evidence at the Filson Farm for which there were no details, but it wasn't hard to gloss over it in play. The Cockalorums were a neat twist and kept even the veteran players guessing. The party got two surprise segments in Room 6 and pretty much overwhelmed that encounter before the Cockalorums could "strut" their stuff. They had already recovered the chickens over in Room 4 and they figured that Maybel was among them. Oops... Then, due to some shoddy mapping on the player's parts, they missed the climactic Temple scene altogether. Argh! So they returned to town with THOSE chickens and some gobling prisoners, convinced that they had fully succeeded. Ha!

So, they may yet be drawn back to Kith for unfinished business at a later date. I statted-up the Herald of Thakas, just in case, but that plot seed didn't unfold - just yet.

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My first session of 1e since... gulp... 1986-ish! And it went great! A basic campaign log has been started at the link below:

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I've been preparing a return to 1st edition for months. This week, I get to start a new Greyhawk campaign! This will also be my first attempt at a true sandbox. Published material that may be featured include:

Adventure Most Fowl
Automata Run Amok
To End the Rising
The Night Wolf Inn
Deep Carbon Observatory

That should keep us busy for a while.
New DM screen is pictured!
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Mike's latest on adapting Victorious for sci-fi!

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Part IV: Black Mountain, White Cave
Scroll to the bottom for the latest! Oriana and Xaleran continue the expedition with Zertzeg's blessing.

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Part III: Testing Your Metal - the Saurian Reclamation Company finishes business at the Moktar Lair.

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Part II: On Blood-Stained Vellum
The Saurian Reclamation Company returns to exact revenge on the Moktar warband. 
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