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Gary Brown

Hey all you veteran soloists! What are your three favorite RPGs for solo play and why?


SUPERS Revised: Simple opposed roll mechanics but provides great narrative depth and flexibility. Covers a wide range from local vigilantes to planet-shakers.

Scarlet Heroes: Familiar Basic D&D framework scaled for awesome lone hero action. Also has some good solo tables.

“D00lite” which means Covert Ops, Barebones Fantasy, and Frontier Space: These games - especially Frontier Space - is the perfect composite of Star Frontiers and James Bond 007 percentile systems. Very intuitive and flexible, but allowing a nice amount of crunch for modern and sci-fi equipment and vehicles.

How about you?

Still studying Covert Ops for my next session, I noticed that some of the Martial Arts Maneuvers were things that I was granting based on player narrative, such as Hard Block (using STR as a resistance) or Take Down (where I let a martial artist execute this maneuver even though they didn't have it.)

So this led me to the question, how do you handle a "called shot" type of attack. For instance, a hero is in a brawl and he wants to kick sand in the face of the bad guy. The hero doesn't have a maneuver, such as Stun Attack, to support it.

Or beyond hand-to-hand, how about when an operative wants to specifically shoot a target in the hand or leg?

I thought about requiring that such improv attacks must succeed by 10 or 20. Another idea is that specific attacks require a round of set-up time (like aiming).


I've been revisiting The Simarillion to improve my lore knowledge of Middle Earth as I contemplate ideas for an eventual TOR campaign. One canonical twist I'm considering is replacing The Necromancer of Mirkwood with a different historical evil. There are two beings that I find particularly intriguing because of the vagueness of their fates:

Ungoliant - the Mother of All Spiders - supposedly last seen with Melkor as they fled with the Simarils.

Lungorthin - the forgotten son of Melkor, brother of Sauron. Along with Gothmog, he was one of the Lords of the Balrogs.

I have much yet to read of the various supplements for TOR. Would such a change in cast render some of the material useless? How would this impact the events and interactions of the Nazgul?

I ran my first session of Covert Ops last night! This is the first time I've ever purchased an RPG and run it on the same day. We had a blast too! Of course, I didn't get everything right, but it still worked just fine. I really enjoy the basic mechanics of d100lite.

I noticed that CO is going to be revised based on the new FS variant. I think that will put CO2 over the top for me as the go-to action game!

Has anyone come up with house rules in which unencumbered or lightly-armored characters can get a Parry bonus for being quick?

Should such a bonus be allowed for Traits like Nimble or Swift? (I know Traits are not supposed to have mechanical bonuses like that.)

Just brainstorming how to make a fast-styled swordsman.

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My third video in the Gamescape series features Stars Without Number Revised (beta 0.9, pre-kickstarter) and an account of a day at North Texas RPG Con!

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Hey gang, some discussion - well monologue anyway - about Stars Without Number! I also talked about my day at North Texas RPG Con.
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