There are black holes!
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We could get sucked down it one day! You can't see black holes which is the most scary part!
Actually they are not black holes.  Galaxies contain black holes in their center, but if you aren't close to them their gravitational pull is no stronger than it would be if they were a million stars instead.
A black hole can't be seen with the naked eye, however, the effect a black hole has on the stars around it and the radiation they give off can be observed. So, while the threat of Earth someday being consumed by a black hole is possible, it is safe to say it will not happen in our life time.
+Sophie Davies Black Holes are also responsible for one of the brightest objects in the universe (quasars). As soon as matter goes into a black hole, they become quite visible.
Black holes are at the center of every galaxy and they only puul matter in when they are active.
+Sophie Davies - I'm an astrophysics professor.  It's my job to know this.  To answer your question, we can actually observe stars orbiting the black hole in the center of our galaxy, so we know how black holes affect nearby objects.
Its a funny and common misconception that Black Holes are magical "drag everything inside"... if you would turn our Sun into a black hole, nothing would change for the planets (except that it would get COLD), because the mass of the central body didn't changed at all. Black Holes only show stronger gravity because you can get very close to the center while still being outside the object.
Well ok then you know what I am talking about.
Black holes are only believed to be at the center of nearly every large Galaxy (Ie. the Milky Way). Otherwise there is nothing conclusive suggesting there is one at the center of every Galaxy. Furthermore, black holes do not just become randomly active. They are constantly active. The only reason they become "inactive" is because they've consumed everything within their reach. If something passes by an inactive black hole and causes it to grow, increasing its reach, then the black hole may become active again.
..or a vortex with infinite density at the bottom..just sayin!
Black holes are also found throuout space also.  They are active.
+Alejandro Lechuga Black holes aren't portals to other Universes. They're just regions of high density and gravity. It's like wondering if a trash compactor is a portal to another Universe. Black holes are galactic trash compactors.
Look we are at the dawn of a new era for humanity,  we have learned more about our universe in the past 10 years vs. the last 40.  As long as we keep up this pace I have hope that we will be exploring our galaxy VERY soon.  And I never said they were portal's, but a scientific mind knows anything is possible.  We just need to figure it out.
I'm more for the wormholes being portal's to other parts of the galaxy, or maybe other galaxy's all together.  The truth is we just don't know yet.  We are not at a point in our existence to have that kind of knowledge.
+Alejandro Lechuga "Just a hypothesis" is a more accurate description. Fir ir to be a Theory it has too have passed a rigorous experimentation and review process.
While I can't prove it, I believe that all of the mass accumulated within a black whole eventually turns into a Dwarf of some kind.
The difference being that the effects of black holes have been observed directly, whereas the effects of Hawking radiation have not. 
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