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Shannon Blackham
I am a Survivor of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).
I am a Survivor of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

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I Just Know
Unfortunately, because of the accident I have a loss of words all
too often. I don't have near the vocabulary I once had and although I feel it,
I cannot express it. Even if I do find the words, sometimes I fear saying them
because it makes me different and...

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When the Brain Fatigues, the Whole Body Fatigues
     Our wonderful, marvelous brain that not even an incredible scholar understands controls our every movement. Our brain is the mastermind behind everything we do. This includes the annoying rituals of waking up, brushing our teeth, washing our hair, etc....

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Please Don't Blame Me
Trying to live my life on a daily basis is a never-ending battle. I go about things in ways that may seem unconventional or annoying, such as:       I might be too annoying or too frustrating. It may seem like I never do anything or that I’m always too tire...

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Breakup with Shannon
There are numerous reasons why
someone might “break up” with me. I might be too annoying or too frustrating.
It may seem like I never do anything or that I’m always too tired. I may get
angry very quickly or walk away without warning. I may take too long to...

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     So I'm not exactly excited about this post, because well, who would be? But in all honesty I figure it's something that probably gets overlooked a lot when reading my blog and is a real issue in my life. I'm sure that everyone feels this way at times, ...

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School..... Oh no!!
     After high school you go on to do one of a few things; you either go on a mission, get a job, get married or go to school. I have hated this ever since I graduated high school although especially around 19 years old. I hated this because I couldn't wor...

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Cruising Paradise with a TBI
Oh my goodness! I have so much to write about. But let's take a different approach. This post I'm going to attempt to write what the last month or so has been like coming from a brain injured perspective.      Let's start off with my first cruise -- with my...

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Tragic Anniversary
     My anniversary is coming up. Not that soon, but soon enough. For some reason, it seems that this year is going to be a rough one. I don't know why but I've been anticipating this anniversary for a month or so already, and it's still a month away. I can...
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