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Dropped 3 episodes of the Comics Are Great! show into the podcast feed!

First up, my talk with +Mark Mariano about being a performer cartoonist:

Second, my discussion with +Jamie Gambell about navigating publishing opportunities for comics:

And finally, my talk with +Dave Roman about why we loved Muppets Most Wanted!

Three more episodes will drop over the weekend. Binge-listen to comics discussions while you work!

Subscribe here:

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Dropped a bunch of new Comics Are Great! shows into the podcast stream!

I've been playing catch-up on posting CAG shows, and I'm happy to say that I've added four of the backlogged episodes to the audio and video podcast feeds.

In episode 90 I talk with Meggie Ramm, Megan Brennan, and Lauren Houser about why cartoonists should post their work to Tumblr:

In episode 91 I'm joined by +Raina Telgemeier, +Dave Roman, and Sharon Iverson for the most jam-packed book recommendations episode ever:

In episode 93 I get to dig into one of my favorite topics, The Hero Who Refuses to Fight, with fellow He-Man fan Kevin Coppa:

And in episode 94 I talk with Kohl Glass, Sharad Patel, and Donald Harrison about what cartoonists can learn from filmmakers:

So fire up your podcatchers!

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The Eternal Battle of Writing Heroic Characters

In this special audio-only episode of Comics Are Great! I'm joined by cartoonist Ben Hatke ( for a discussion on writing the Really, Really Good Guys (and Gals). Together we discuss the appeal of a character who has an inner sense of what is right, the perils of writing ultra-powerful characters, and what the role of restraint (both from within and without) plays in making a character’s choices compelling.

Listen to the show here:

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What can visual storytellers learn from a great gaming experience?

+Eli Neiburger and Dave Carter join me for a discussion where we characterize a compelling gaming experience and apply that knowledge to making a great experience in and around our comics, books, and films.

Audio version and show notes here:

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What Makes a Scary Story so Scary?

Audio version and show notes here:

How do you make a horror story in a static medium like comics? What are the tricks to building dread and suspense? And how does visual style contribute to creating images that are unsettling or frightening?

I’m joined by cartoonists +Jon David Guerra and +eric orchard, who help us uncover some of the dark secrets of haunting your readers with your story.

We close with another round of book recommendations with Rachel Moir of the Ann Arbor District Library!

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No crossbreeding means no originality

There is so much to learn and master in making comics. Drawing, design, composition, pacing, color, and sound all stand ready to bewilder us as we try to communicate our ideas and stories.
And while intense work and study in our medium is often an honored notion, how might studying other mediums change how we view and choose between the various visual storytelling tools to which we have access?

It’s a fun discussion with NYT bestselling artist +Jake Parker and Emmy Award-winning writer and director +Kohl Glass on how to look at the comics medium afresh by studying other visual storytelling disciplines.

Audio version and show notes can be found here:

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You have to live in the story before you can live in the world!

What are the secrets to designing a world that your readers will believe in? How do you compose panels that communicate tone, tension, blocking, and character? If the “camera” in comics can be anywhere, how do you navigate the nearly infinite choices to create moments that tell the story?

I’m joined by Nicolas Bannister, artist of many amazing comics including The Elsewhere Chronicles and Tib & Tumtum, for a discussion on the narrative power of choosing the right angles in your panels.

Audio version and show notes can be found here:

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Should you do Free Work "for Exposure?"

Is there anything wrong with agreeing to do some work for free? After all, it might catch on with the Internet, and you can cash in later.

And this is the webcomics model, after all! You put out consistent and professional-quality work for free, hoping to attract an audience, and only begin to sell to them once you’ve got 5,000 fans or more. It’s an investment!

Or you may just be doing your work for “the sake of art.” And if this is so, what’s wrong with others asking you to do the same work, in the same name, for them?

+Ryan Estrada stops by the show to have a debate with Jerzy on the topic. It's a fun argument over an important topic for creative types.

Audio version and show notes here:

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*When designing characters, draw them together in a scene. You'll learn more about them. *

This is only one out of the boatload of great quotes and advice +Tony Cliff shared about character design during our discussion on Comics Are Great! 83.

Audio version and show notes here:

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Raw video from CAG 87 is up for watching! Edited version dropping in the next few weeks. Talking with +eric orchard and +Jon David Guerra about horror stories!

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