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The Psychodelic Wallpaper
Perkins Gilman’s psychological horror tale, The
Yellow Wallpaper , effectively uses an epistolary format and Jane’s
progressing chaos and insanity in order to both critique nineteenth century
marriage and Dr. Weir Mitchell’s “resting cure” for dep...

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Heart of Darkness or Heart of Lightness
Conrad uses a multitude of elements of Gothic literature in Heart of Darkness to convey the problems
associated with Imperialism and Colonialism. Through the extensive use of
metaphors and vivid imagery, Conrad constructs Heart of Darknes...

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Question 1:Bronte Fight
Bronte’s book Wuthering Heights and
Charlotte Bronte’s book Jane Eyre not
only use similar subjects of feminism and marriage, but both books have also
grown out of the same environment since the authors are sisters. However,
although the tone of W uth...

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Paradise Lost and Found
the Lucifer in Dante’s Inferno , John
Milton’s version of Lucifer in Paradise
Lost is portrayed through actual dialogue that constructs the devil as a
tragic character who is both cunning and deceptive. Since Lucifer is a dynamic
character who strugg...

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The Tragic Tempest
debate over classifying Shakespeare’s The
Tempest as a classical tragedy, medieval tragedy, renaissance tragedy, or a
romance is often clouded by the many different tragic and romantic elements
that are included in Shakespeare’s work. Howeve...

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Hemingway Does Not Eat Bacon
             The three little
pigs and their mother lived in a little cottage in downtown Paris. The cottage
that they lived in barely had enough room for a stove and two beds and four
pigs. So, one at a time the mother sent the pigs out into the world to m...

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Bernard's New World
Damn that John! Why will
no one listen to me? I cannot get a savage to show up to a party that I
planned, and even Epsilons disobey my orders. John got me into a lot of trouble
by just deciding not to show up to the party that I planned for him. Whether I

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Caution: Science Ahead
                 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein uses a Romantic view of nature and society to argue that the Enlightenment’s
emphasis on the rational discovery of ideas through scientific research and
experimentation is a danger to society. Shelley constructs ...

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Bullpen Catchers Also Rise
            Ernest Hemingway’s
style in The Sun Also Rises is reflective
of the very simple, spare, and plain way that makes Hemingway books so
distinctive. The direct and simple style that Hemingway uses to create rich
imagery of situations, especially the...

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Emily Bronte
structures Wuthering Heights as a
frame narrative that chronologically uses flashbacks to highlight the stories,
and perspectives, of the multiple narrators. Bronte creates a story about the
stories of the multiple unreliable narrators, who eac...
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