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Marching on in 2017!
Well, we are marching along here on the home front. Recently we had our roof replaced and new gutters! It was loud, messy and I'm so glad its done! The contractor barely squeezed it in between storms. It was awfully nice to let somebody else come in with a ...

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Suddenly I find myself on the eve of holiday season and it feels like this year has gone by so fast. And at the same time, so dang sloooowww. These are the days of excited screams and hugs when Dad pulls up into the driveway, (and I) simultaneously boil ins...

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Heart Full & Hands Full
As a parent you get asked all kinds of questions on a regular basis. Especially if you want more kids and in our case, if we want to try for a girl. I usually (jokingly?) reply that I might not survive another child. I realize that I am not the first person...

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Its a crazy, beautiful life!
Wanted to squeeze in one more little blurb to round out the year here! Life as a family of four is way more exciting, tiring, phenomenal, exhausting, mind-blowing and dizzying than I anticipated. I mean I knew my world would be turned upside down, because t...

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Little Man Quilt
I recently finished a quilt for our second boy on the way! I really love Luke's blue and gray quilt so I modeled this one after it. Except in red and gray to keep with their room colors. Also side story.. I realized Luke's birthstone is blue sapphire and so...

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What good is a race with no hurdles??
This has been one of those weeks where Thursday, today, feels like Wednesday of next week. Its just been so crazy! Had a particularly trying daycare day with a child who, to put it mildly , has separation anxiety. Then Cody had car battery trouble getting h...

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Flannel Baby Blankets
I know I just got done raving about the easy peasy fleece blankets , but these double sided flannels are just as addicting! I had so much fun pairing fabrics for little-man-on-the-way. Although there is a boom of girls going around right now too, so I guess...

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Easy Fleece Throws
Well, I really took the break from large scale projects to the extreme! My recent completions are simply single cuts of double sided fleece with edges sewn over. So easy, a great instant update and preparation for baby! The hardest part was getting a finish...

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Trellis from a Window
Two of these old, old windows were left in the back shed when we purchased our home. I wouldn't let Cody throw them out because, well obviously. It was clearly a house warming present from the previous owners right? Fast forward a couple years and I forgot ...

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Shared Nursery Plans
In case you haven't heard, our second little lovebug is a BOY! I'm going to be seriously out-manned here at home, but I am very excited to train up two loving momma's boys! Haha! My aunt was so sweet to quickly tell me I have retained my status as Queen of ...
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