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Finding Your Purpose is Just the Beginning!
Finding Your Purpose is Just the Beginning!


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There are multiple ways to stay connected with seniors. This article explores five ways, including both new and older ways.

#caregiving #seniorcare #caregivingtips

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Thoughts determine words and actions. And dwelling on the positive or negative conditions your brain to be used to those thoughts.

Have your thoughts conditioned you to one or the other?

It can start in childhood, by even well-meaning adults who don't understand the power of words. You can overcome it. This post shows how negative thoughts can affect caregiving - whether the thoughts start with the caregiver or the carereceiver. And suggest three simple steps on how to start changing your thoughts.

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In searching for how to use the search feature on a web page on an iPad, this tutorial was listed. So easy to understand and follow! Thanks +Sheila Finkelstein !
You don't have to be a senior to use the site and get information from it! :)

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Chief Robert and Terri TallTree share the simple easy way to be happy through claiming the happiness that is your birthright.

Check out this amazing podcast and claim your free gift!

#happiness #joy #wisdom

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Just updated my video for caregivers & those who care about them.

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Check out my new video for caregivers and those who care about them!

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How Can a Sense of Adventure Transform Caregiver Stress?

You don't have to take a balloon ride to find adventure...

#caregiverstress #caregiving #caregiver #eldercare  

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Persons living with dementia are at increased risks for falls.
While removing throw rugs and other obstacles are often obvious ways to decrease the risk, have you considered something as simple as changing footwear?

#dementia #alzheimers #falls #caregivingwithpurpose #eldercare

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While I a HUGE fan of adopting rescued pets, sometimes it's not practical or possible for seniors. This cat toy designed for seniors is an alternative to adoption.

What do you think? Anyone with experience with it?

#caregiving #eldercare #dementia #alzheimers #caregivingwithpurpose  

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How can you use music to reach your care receiver who is living with dementia?
Have you had experience with music and dementia?

#caregiving #dementia #alzheimersdisease #alzheimers #caregivingwithpurpose  
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