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Giancarlo Angulo

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Giancarlo Angulo

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If you're unconvinced of the importance of metadata intercepts, you can take a look at a relatively simply-processed slice of my personal email metadata below. Even without any further content, you don't need much information to produce a pretty comprehensive portrait of my personal life.

So, an explanation of what you're seeing, the interesting features of the graph, and what you could determine with minimal extra probing:

(1) From no more than the addresses in the top-central graph, you can determine that I attended law school, where I went to law school, and who my favorite professors were: the two largest circles there are the professors with whom I exchanged the most email.

(2) From the bottom-central graph, you can make strong inferences about my politics. The polar graph of brown and orange dots is a map of a community mailing list I was on from 2005 until 2011. Political preferences are represented by color. Interestingly, email addresses associated with trolls are (unsurprisingly) more heavily connected with their opposing political view than their actual affinity.

(3) On the left, you can see a group of college friends and people I know online. Why are they connected? They've infrequently gotten involved in email chains about tabletop gaming, so are associated through the same list. 

(4) On the right, my family. You can see that I've exchanged emails with my wife more frequently than I have with my brother, sister, and parents; you can probably infer her outsized importance by the size of her circle. There in the same place, you can find out -- if you didn't already -- that +Alexander Natale is probably related to me somehow. He's not connected to my family, and doesn't have the same name as +Sara Anderson (whom we already know to be my wife), so he's probably a brother-in-law? 

And in fact this is correct.

(5) Down in the bottom left quadrant, you can see my job at ATVP, where I apparently occasionally used my personal email account. My direct supervisor is the largest circle, and her supervisor is the second largest circle. You can also see the board of directors from my job before that, which is unsurprising, as ATVP and Sojourners' often served in the same community organizations.

You can also find some oddities in the graph without clear inferences, but which would allow you to infer things with minimal extra metadata. 

(1) There's a chain of links leading from my sister, Kristin, to a guy named Steven to +Yonatan Zunger. This seems odd, if you know anything about the nodes. Why is that the case?

By pulling just a single email in the chain or an old directory of Google employees and my high school yearbook, you could find out that Steven was in the same high school class as my sister and that Yonatan was once his boss. Follow the chain another link out, to Steven and Yonatan, and you can probably make a strong inference that both worked in social: Yonatan is the Chief Architect of Social at Google, and Steven is now an employee of Facebook. 

If you were interested in the unlikely provenance of that connection, you could pull the content of that email chain, and you would in fact find something interesting.

(2) Looking far to the left, you'll find a very large singleton node named Jessica. She appears to have no connections to anyone else, and yet there are a large number of exchanges between us. Pull that content, and you will likewise find out something interesting about my areas of interest.

But there are some things you won't find, or which you'll mistake:

(1) There are no emails from two different jobs I've held. That's because I never used my personal email account for work business due to confidentiality concerns. However, other than those two jobs, you can find almost my entire employment and educational history using just my metadata.

(2) See Audrey, up in the corner? I see her almost every week, and regularly communicate with her via chat, but I've seldom sent her an actual email. She's actually densely plugged into another network of friends which you won't find here, because I communicate with them mostly via social media and phone. 

(3) My college friends, over to the left, are large bubbles not because I communicate with them far more than anyone else, but because two have no social media accounts, and so email -- by default -- becomes the easiest way to contact them.

In any case, this is email. This isn't social media, or another technique designed to extract maximum usable data from basic transactions. And yet you can extract most of my resume, my friends, my political preferences, my hobbies, and you can find additional areas to go spelunking for more information, all without accessing any content. 
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Giancarlo Angulo

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Let's get real here and put penis-envy aside. There is nothing wrong wearing your Leboutins, Jimmy Choos or sporting all your Stella McCartneys, Herve Legers or Narciso Rodriguezes if what pays for your credit card bills was not extracted from the withholding tax of some humble employee who has to brave the long lines to get into the MRT and invest even greater courage cramped into the tiny space of a train coach overflowing with daily commuters just to get a salary of less than P9000 a month.
Lately each morning when I get to the breakfast table and open the papers, my day is ruined. For the past weeks, there has been this continuing telenovela of yet another tale of shameless graft and corruption in a country p...
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