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Ben Norwood (mittfh)
A random nonentity, invading various corners of the web with random, incomprehensible gibberish.
A random nonentity, invading various corners of the web with random, incomprehensible gibberish.

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Yup, there's definitely a Supermoon tonight...

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Another entry from the Department of Interesting Quora Threads:

Wikipedia's "Did you know?" section today features the KRT Girls - mascots for Taiwain's Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit.

Interestingly, it claims (based on a RocketNews24 article) that Nai Nai (耐耐) is a Vocaloid-powered train announcer.

Can anyone find any other sources for that nugget of information? If true, it would certainly be a more unusual marketing use (although of course Miku has advertised cars before as well as a fictional vegetable juice drink).

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A wasted youth...
I've just discovered this compilation of over an hour's worth of 1980s cartoon intros (74 in all) - how many do you recognise? How many others do you recall that are omitted?

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He will never give you up, let you down, run around or desert you - and now he's got angels on his side:

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Well played, Newsthump.
The United States has changed it's special relationship status with the UK to 'It's Complicated' on Facebook.

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Wintergarten (Milky Way), the Swedish group who gave us the Musical Marble Machine, have been around for a few years - and have put similar crazy amounts of effort into their other songs (MMM alone took 14 months to build) - including building their own custom instruments. Here's 2013's Starmachine2000, which involves a slide projector used as an instrument (!), a custom-built musical box (with paper score), and even a custom-designed and built electronic instrument dubbed the Modulin. Oh, and the video includes LEGO stop motion, filmed with a laptop webcam (the laptop itself supported by a LEGO cradle).

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Now that's how you sing a National Anthem!

Twenty five years ago today:

1991 – British computer programmer Tim Berners-Lee introduced WorldWideWeb, the world's first web browser and WYSIWYG HTML editor.

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It seems as though the dead tree editions of The Independent and Evening Standard may be doomed (while the i is being sold to local newspaper publishers Johnson Press)...
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