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I got accepted to the Fall 2015 batch and was wondering where I can find a list of classes offered and a detailed description. Also has anyone got notifications for tuition deadlines and stuff? 

Did anyone who submitted their application in mid April receive a decision yet?

Question - I see that the application deadline for the Fall OMSCS semester is April 17th. Do the recommendation letters need to be submitted by the same date?

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Wifi everywhere!! Free data to share data.

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interesting doodle!

anyone know how to design a logo or know somebody who does?

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Peanut butter vanilla waffle with a drizzle of syrup! Sooooo good :)

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crazy huge motorcycle drive by on peachtree this weekend!
<look out for the futuristic one>

CSS3 shadow option is the bomb!!
Never again would any web developer ever need Photoshop!!

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