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Multnomah County Central Library
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Hôm nay 10:00-18:00
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801 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205
801 SW 10th AveUSORPortland97205
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Ảnh tiểu sử của Rachel Rothstein
Rachel Rothstein
được đánh giá 4 tháng trước
A gorgeous building-I know people who have events here. I love coming because it's easy to find what I want and it's a beautiful place to read.
Ảnh tiểu sử của Dan Surname
Dan Surname
được đánh giá một năm trước
I took the time, for the first time in a non-academic collection, to ask the advice of one of the reference librarians in one the art and art history rooms, and not only was she more helpful than I ever could have hoped, but she seemed enthused about the project I had been researching, and even suggested works that made me reconsider my entire thesis. I wish I could remember her name; a search algorythm hasn't been built with the expertise and consideration she showed this stammering academic...
• • •
Colleen Fulford
được đánh giá 2 năm trước
Great place to get lost in a book. Selection is excellent and online hold system is fast and easy. Staff is very helpful. Great place to find new graphic design and diy craft books. I am glad that this free service is available to me.
Ảnh tiểu sử của Sarah Baumgardner
Sarah Baumgardner
được đánh giá 3 tuần trước
It is a great library but the smell of cigarettes and other stench on the bums that come in is disgusting, I got so dizzy from the smell.
Ảnh tiểu sử của Jaa Mar
Jaa Mar
được đánh giá một năm trước
This is my favorite place in downtown PDX to play hide and go seek. Or to find amazing books and graphic novels and movies. Cool building too. Get a library card! Go wild! But be quiet and respectful!
Ảnh tiểu sử của Kat Ingalls
Kat Ingalls
được đánh giá một năm trước
Amazing library. 95% of the time, they've got every book I'm looking for - even the obscure stuff. Pretty damn gorgeous to boot! :)


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3 người

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