Hi there people!

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with some useful crappy-coding. Have you heard about #ACTA ? One more fucking law as #SOPA , #PIPA , #Sinde ...

Well, few days ago, Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parliament, explained on Reddit how we could stop #ACTA . She urges us to contact with the politicians of our country involved in the development of ACTA.

So as to ease the task I've programmed a script to retrieve all the mail addresses of the politicians involved in each country. Now, you only have to paste the mail addresses and think about two lines to send. Not really difficult, isn't it?

Well, the mail addresses are here:

And the python code is here:

To know which mail addresses corresponds to your country you have this list:

PT for Portugal
ES for Spain
FR for France
IT for Italy
MT for Malta
GR for Greece
CY for Cyprus
BG for Bulgaria
RO for Romania
HU for Hungary
SI for Slovenia
AT for Austria
SK for Slovakia
CZ for Czech Republic
DE for Germany
PL for Poland
BE for Belgium
NL for Netherlands
DK for Denmark
LT for Lithuania
GB for United Kingdom
IE for Ireland
LV for Latvia
EE for Estonia
FI for Finland SE for Sweden

You have the code in order to assure that I'm not telling bullshit. But when you feel the need to whip me because of its quality, remember that I was programming while watching TV, playing pes and talking with friends. Just functional, so be kind ;)

So now, copy the addresses, and write any kind of mail.

Don't be lazy as a nop, be efficient as a jmp! And spread the word!

#stopcensorship #stopsopa #stoppipa #stopacta #stopsinde
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