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Investigator of reality and its implications
Investigator of reality and its implications

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This presentation is probably the best expression of the dynamic nature of ASL I have come across. It powerfully illustrates the very different tools available to a visual language and compares it to music with surprisingly apt analogies.

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Homemade ginger ale. It is made from the whey produced from making kefir cheese. This is my second try at it. First experiment with it went great so I went and got some bottles to make it more official looking.
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I did not know this writing system was used by multiple languages. Neat!

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This guy is pretty amazing. He likes to test out primitive technology building techniques on his channel and in this video he builds a small tiled roof home from start to finish with nothing but his own brawn, local natural materials, and tools that he fashions by hand.

The High Price You Pay for Healthcare

I would like to say a word to fellow Americans who complain that in countries like Denmark, they pay much higher taxes for their healthcare, and we don't want that! 

Unfortunately, what is paid in taxes for healthcare in Denmark is not money that is saved by Americans. We get charged far greater amounts for our healthcare by a system that gives far poorer results on most metrics. 

In addition to getting poorer results, we get the chance to fund the incredible inefficiency of having many office workers in every hospital or doctor's office to fight with the bureaucrats in the multitudes of health insurance companies, all with differing forms, rules and policies - and they will all scratch and claw with doctors, hospitals and even their own customers to keep from paying anything they can get away with not covering. These fights can last months and years. Often the patients at the important end of these fights are in one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. The not insignificant monetary costs of this are exceeded by the emotional ones.

Americans also get to fund lots of advertising for competing insurance companies. Of course, we must also fund the ability of every insurance company executive to buy a yacht if they so choose.

If you think you do not pay the high cost for healthcare that those in Denmark are, you are playing semantics. Their system is more efficient, and it gives better results on the whole. 

Also, their system covers all their citizens and the risk is shared among the entire population so that healthcare costs are not the number one reason for bankruptcy in their country, as it is in ours.

Millions in our system are given substandard care, or no care at all, and that is the avowed method we use to ration care. I would say that makes our system, in a word, immoral. Nobody deserves to be treated the way our system routinely treats people who fall victim to disease and/or traumatic injury.

My son pulled the ultimate dad joke on me. I forget what I had just posited but when I was done, with a thoughtful expression as he appeared to be turning it over in his head, he replied, I have something that says otherwise. I cocked my head and said, oh really, what is that? With a wide grin on full display, he confidently held up a 3x5 card showing a single word, "otherwise".

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Key and Peale do a TED talk parody on a topic that was once taboo. This might be good to add to 8th grade health classes.

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It is awesome to see nuanced understanding of issues rather than soundbites and dogma matter for something in this day and age.

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Remember, you can always trust the free-market to solve every problem without regulation. Regulation bad, business good - always, in every situation. No need for controls of any kind. 

In reality, treating healthcare similarly to the system we use to allocate yachts has come the closest to giving us the "death panels" we heard so much about when we were considering single-payer. No system is perfect. But ours is, by far, the most costly and with results that are dismal for most, in comparison to other industrialized countries. There are many ways to structure the healthcare industry. Some of them just happen to be inhumane as well as inefficient. Why pay top dollar for that?

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I have not before seen this method of storing water and nutrients for a grow bed for around a decade. It seems very nice and I like how it can make harvesting easier. This could be good for preparation for the zombie apocalypse or the coming of Skynet or just being more self-sufficient. 
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