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Fans of facial hair are welcome here. Post pictures.
Fans of facial hair are welcome here. Post pictures.

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Those beards!
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A social network for those with beards and those who love 'em because #BeardsAreAwesome .

The link below takes you to my profile - you can find links there to join if beards are your thing (or one of your many things).

Bristlr's bog: Bristler's twitter:

With thanks to +Dan Michael for pointing me in this direction.

Pinging those in my Beards circle - apologies if this causes offence, I shall certainly remove you from that circle if that is the case.

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Sounds fun! If you're in Portland stop by Saturday.
It's hats off to beards time again, +Goorin Bros.​​​ is hosting the raddest hat and beard party in Portland and you need to be there!

Sponsors include: +Goorin Bros.​​​​, +Portland Beard Company​​​​​, Jim Beam,​ +Deschutes Brewery​ and Bearded Boy Designs.

The 2nd Annual Hats off to Beards!

A Facial Hair Competition to raise money for the Uprise Books Project.

The event will take place at the Goorin Bros hat shop located at 808 NW 23rd Ave. Event will be from 4pm to 9pm.

This is a free event to attend. No entrance fee will be required, however, we will be suggesting a $5 donation from competitors that will go directly to the charity.

There will be 7 categories, which include:

- Moustache - This refers to the hair grown on the upper lip. Moustache may not be grown past the corners of the mouth. Moustache can be styled or left natural. No additional facial hair is permitted on the jaw or lower lip.

- Full Beard Natural - This category is for those who let their beard grow the way it was intended to grow. There is no length limit. Judges will factor in density and color as well as overall length. No styling aides or coloring are permitted.

- Partial Beard - Partial Beard encompasses a wide variety of styles. From the Amish Beard, to the Goatee, Chops, and everything else in between. Styling aides are permitted.

- Freestyle - Anything goes!! This category is open to any style of facial hair. Creativity is the key. Styling aides are permitted with the exception of hair extensions. Judges will be looking for the most creative and artistic competitor!

- Business Beard - This category is for those who maintain a shorter, groomed beard. Beards may not exceed 3 inches from the bottom of the chin. Moustache may be left natural or they can be styled with products.

- Whiskerina - A category for the ladies!! Beards and staches can be created from any material you like. It can be real hair, feathers, playing cards, food, unicorns, or anything else you can come up with. Creativity is the key!

- Kids Category - A category just for the kiddos!! Same rules as the Whiskerinas, beards may be crafted from any material you like. Creativity is the key!

Prejudging and registration will take place at the event starting at 4pm. The competition will begin at 5pm.

We will have a panel of 3 judges and trophies will be awarded to the top 3 competitors in each category. Judges will be using an open scoring system, contestants will be given scores between 1-10 from all 3 judges with a possible high score of 30.

There will be giveaways from Portland Beard Company, Goorin Bros will be raffling off hats during the event, and a special raffle item will be announced at the end of the event as well.

After party on Saturday will be at Joe's Cellar located at 1332 NW 21st Ave.

The hangover brunch on Sunday will start at noon at My Father's Place located at 523 SE Grand Ave.
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No +Google! Repeat after me, "We will not promote shaving or pressure others to shave again".
Google forced shaving is not ok... I am disappoint. 

Sharing with +Google+ Facial Hair Club for great justice.

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With the #WorldCup2014 in action right now who would you say has the best beard in football (soccer)?

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Presented without comment.

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Real nice!

Costa Georgiadis and me at yesterday's garden fair at the George Brown Botanic Gardens.  Title adopted from +Paul Pavlinovich, image shot by +Owen Gale with #Derek , processing by me: beards by nature.

+Google+ Facial Hair Club needs to see this - and I need to move away from electronic devices: the eyes are telling me to let it be.

#BeardsAreAwesome #Fishy #Fisheye #UWA

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Give em a vote if you would.
Me and Mr Darwin and Me

I'd appreciate if you would visit the link below and give my beard(s) a thumps up.


#BeardsAreAwesome #Beards #Beard

Ping +Google+ Facial Hair Club 

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