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matt jackson
A society’s first line of defense is not the law but customs, traditions, and moral values. Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel.
A society’s first line of defense is not the law but customs, traditions, and moral values. Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel.

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I'm not sure what I'm watching. Is this supposed to be funny? Serious? Educational?

I'm not sure, but so far, it kinda sucks.

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Damn. Want to see what a real army looks like? That is some dedication to paint all of those.

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I just discovered these via our library. Short, 150 (or so) novels meant to be read in a sitting or two. Just my style of book, most novels I've read for about 150 to 200 pages of actual story plus 50 to 100 pages of useless fluff. Not all books are like this but many in today's market are.

I picked up two of the books and so far I'm about halfway through the first one. Very good, full of action, and a nice easy read. So far all the books I've seen are either Thriller / mystery or romance, but I would like to see some Science Fiction and Fantasy added to the mix.

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Holy crap!

Netflix, I love you more and more each day!

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Yo, a space station. Maybe a bug hunt.

#scifi   #RPG   #map  

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#DailyAdventure #SWLAdventure

Scene 17: Not quite water....
Velian and Dorkut investigate the well. A short, three foot high stone wall runs around the outside of the well. Peering over the top and into the pit they see a yellowish liquid spinning rapidly as if it were draining via a hole somewhere below….only the liquid level appears to not be dropping and thus not draining. The yellow liquid It spins rapidly in a counterclockwise direction making burping, gurgling sounds.

A skeletal hand clings to the inside stone wall, just the forearm and hand are visible, the remainder is hidden below the spinning liquid but the group cannot tell how much, if anything remains beneath the surface. A thin silvery bracelet hangs from the skeletal wrist, but it is very close to the spinning liquid and you are unsure if you could get it off the wrist without any on you.

What's next?
1) Figure out a way to get the bracelet.
2) Pull the skeletal hand out of the well.
3) Lower something into the liquid.
4) Check out the snake statue
5) Investigate the opening and tunnel

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Snag the bracelet
Pull the skeletal hand out of the well
Lower something into the liquid
Check out the snake statue
Investigate the opening and tunnel

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Finished up the scifi map, a portion of a larger space station connected via a long tunnel.

#RPGmap   #RPG   #Patreon  

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Worked on a quick space station today, been awhile and way out of practice. #scifi

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MSHRPG Kid Kraddic, wonder kid with a heart of gold but a desire to fight crime, in his mom's memory.
+Stuart Robertson

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Oh shit! It's clobbering time!
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