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Am I crazy or are there alot of things in the preview documentation that don't actually work?  For one I could not get an animation set inside a selector working using this example:

Nor could I find the an class.  If someone could please help it would be much appreciated
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Well that sucks, that's why it didn't work for me either, then.
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Still alive!
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I believe that we will win! :)
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Terms & whhhhaaaaaa.......?

Nexus 4
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Ow, the slight UUX ("user un-experience") is common in Any.DO brand.

Just a quick few android examples:
- voice-input icon is under "back" arrow (there is also no way to hide it)
- there is no way of reordering task notes
- when you are editing task note in that similarly dreadful popup, there is a folder button that does nothing (should it allow for moving notes to a different task?)
- you cannot move completed items to a different date or "folder"
- whenever you restore an item from completed state, it SPRINGS to life and to the top of your list

- has unbeliveable sync problems
- resets the whole list whenever you check-off a task note
- can't seem to remember which groups you want closed (today/tomorow/...)

When I come to think of this, I will make a new post, like you have.
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So I like the heads up, but it should be a little wider to accommodate having the minutes fit in one line.

Nexus 4
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Vincent Smith

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I'm so proud to see a company coming out of my school #ncstate    #gopack  .
Have you ever found yourself waiting at the bus stop, wondering whether you...
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Right on
I've tried to appear smart for years. Occasionally I actually fool someone. Besides Venn diagrams are always fun.
Here are my ten favorite tricks for quickly appearing smart during meetings.
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Not saying I've used all of these.....but sometimes........
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The scientific way of telling asian writing systems apart … 
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Who knew I could speak Vietnamese so easily, all it takes was fancy hatted letters.
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Is it worth it to make this scrollable somehow to avoid the cutoff/overlap?
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Vincent Smith

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Vincent Smith

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We are at it again :-D
NC State ranked 4th best value in the country for public universities. Go Pack!
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