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Brian Wille
"Let me tell you a story"
"Let me tell you a story"


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I was excited to hear that there's some love for Hollowpoint here among the Gauntleteers. These are the Hangout tools that I felt were useful.

Hollowpoint Hangout Helper, by Brian Meredith:

And the Fillable Toe Tag doc, not sure who made it:

+Lowell Francis +Richard Rogers

Could be useful, esp in online games!

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Players of The Grim North, lend me your ears! I have applied for a Special License that will allow me to run games in this awesome setting, as well as qualify me as a Cicerone. I'm trying to put something together and hope to get a game going soon; I hope you'll join me when I'm ready to go.


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Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one. Try to remember that boats are fragile, and frost giants are dangerous.

My primary TROIKA! character, in my first game, yesterday. The only skill that could maybe Get Better is Fist Fighting!

Name: Cul-Mora
Background: Poorly Made Dwarf (with no reflection)

Skill Stamina Luck
6 15 10

ADVANCED SKILLS Ranks Total Advances?
Fist Fighting 3 9 X
Awareness 3 9
Strength 2 8
Wrestling 2 8
Axe Fighting 2 8

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I think everything under "Adventuring Gear", while designed for Dungeon World, could easily be adapted for Into the Odd. The art is fantastic.
Here's where to find the game things I've made; collated, pinned
These are for me; if it turns out they're for you, too, talk to me about it. I'm active on here and at

Rogue, Warrior, Sage
Low-fantasy pbta for four souls. It asks a lot of you, not for dummies
RWS Playtest version 2.3:
RWS Atlas #1 (City in the wastes, the pilgrimage, the darklands:)

Cats in the Gray City
An abandoned design for a game about free city cats; incomplete and playable only with effort, but contains a few bits worth preserving
Play materials:

Monsterhearts: Academy
A more optimistic drift/remix of that game we all love
Play materials:

Adventuring gear
Bleakwood house oddities (art):
Bleakwood house oddities (text):
Remnants of the Giant Wars:
The Spidermouth:

[starter] RWS Atlas #1:
[starter] Discern Realities:
[starter] Shipwreck'd:
[starter] Top of the Tower:

[DW] Monster - Chromatic Tentacula:
[DW] CC - Lightning Lord:

Dread playsets
House at horn lake:
Costume party:

Essays and design notes
[pbta] Fighting with hold:
[pbta] Descriptive harm:
RPGs as toys:

There's a couple things here for free that you may have paid me for in the past--if that causes you resentment, hit me up for a refund. Otherwise: thank you, you beautiful angel.

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Game podcast I like asked its listeners to record & submit their favorite game of 2016. So I chose Barbarians of Lemuria (at 34:57)!

Worth listening to, I learned about cool sounding games that I'd never heard of, or knew very little about. And it's short, which I appreciate in my podcasts :)

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I don't know if anyone here plays tabletop role-playing games with dice, but I wrote up rules to play in the world and setting of The 100. Just for fun, fan-product, etc. It's such a great show, just excellent post-apocalyptic science-fiction with characters that stay with you.

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I present my unofficial, just-for-fun, fan project: Barbarians of Lemuria: The 100 game! Just a setting really, using the rules of existing games, for you to explore, fight, and triumph in the world of The 100. Hope you enjoy it!

I wrote up the adventure that I ran for my wife and father-in-law on Thanksgiving, and did my best on TBH formatting. It's short, fun, and very theater-of-the-mind. Ask me any questions, and let me know if you run it!

I did draw three maps for my session, but they were the kind of maps only people who love you could tolerate, so I didn't include them.
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