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Kostas Silas
Web Developer / Designer / Drupal Specialist / IT Consultant
Web Developer / Designer / Drupal Specialist / IT Consultant

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Drupal - Views & SQL Analogy

Using Views, one can build anything from simple list of content, slideshows, jump menus to RSS feeds, JSON feeds through to contextual blocks of information and even PDF and Excel downloads of data.

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Drupal 8 as an intuitive platform

Object Oriented Programming and the various design patterns used in Drupal 8 are not 'professional computer-engineers'-only concepts dreamed up by blue sky academics and tested out in Drupal 8. These are tried-and-tested programming practices that have all been around for decades already, and are used extensively in millions of projects around the world with great success.

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Dependency Injection in Drupal 8

Hello community!
I just found this presentation. Have a look at it.

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Multilingual CSS generated content in Drupal

CSS generated content is cool. You can make those little triangles everyone seems to love, but its real purpose is to let you add presentational words that would otherwise be a pain to generate in markup for some situations.

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Updating Commerce Kickstart 2

The editors and overseers wanted to take a moment and help everyone get on the same page for how to update between minor releases of Commerce Kickstart 2. Below is a walkthrough video that discusses why and how to upgrade your Commerce Kickstart 2 site.

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Chris great job your research about the community name. Only Google can provide a solution now?  +Chris Weber 

Hello Chris, can we change the community name? Because I'm seeing it's not editable now. +Chris Weber 

Hello Drupalers!

I wish you all a year full of Drupal 8 ;)

I'm enjoying my time with my family and also with amazing close friends. At this period of time, I'm developing a new big SaaS Drupal project and my free time is limited. I'm reading your comments, and I suggest:

1. Let's keep the "Share Knowledge" category for general sharing knowledge purposes. Also we can create more categories based on the Sub-Community idea, Drupal is a platform -- not just a simple technology!

2. Let's rename the community to "Drupal" or "Drupal+". Personally, I like the "Drupal+" because we can refer to it quickly at Drupal events. Also, I deleted my Drupal+ Community and we can rename this community "Drupal+".

Cc: +Chris Weber (Chris rocks for his dedicated support here!)

Community Categories Poll

Please follow the steps below and lets suggest and vote categories:
1. Use the comment box and each time add one category, please check out if the category exists before posting.
2. Give a +1 to categories you want to appear on this community.

Please post only categories and use the +1 for voting.

For new members check out two important discussions about this issue:
1. 2.

Cc: +David Corbacho +Chris Weber 

Community Categories Discussion - Part 2

After my discussion with David on this very important post:

We can merge and summarize the categories to only:
1. General Discussion
2. Site Builders
3. Developers
4. Themers
5. Hosting
6. Support
7. Drupal Enterprise
8. DrupalCons Events
9. News & Announcements
10. Jobs & Marketplace
11. Sites Using Drupal
12. Suggestions & Ideas

Category Notes

Category 1: We need the "General Discussion" category as the default discussion for the category field for general discussions and mostly to prevent a post categorized in case the member doesn't see the field when posting or quickly sharing.

Category 6: Two members +Jon Stieglitz and +Seth Moon proposed the "Support" category.

Category 12: The "Suggestions & Ideas" category we can rename it just "Suggestions" -- many communities have it just "Suggestions" -- or David proposed to rename it "Meta discussion". My personal opinion is "Suggestions & Ideas" or just "Suggestions". It is up to you.

All Categories: I like the symbol ( ➥ Category ) as David mentioned from this community

So lets finalize the categories! The sidebar is waiting...

Cc: +David Corbacho +Chris Weber 
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