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Sujir Pavithra Nayak
A tom boy with the heart of a girlie girl ;)
A tom boy with the heart of a girlie girl ;)

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A new year a new project

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100/100 Pattu finds Nemo
So what was my journey all about? When I started this project in January this year, I had one goal: To practice how to write and improve my writing skills.  The reason for this was that I am a writer at heart and I have a dream to take it up professionally ...

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89/100 to 99.5/100...The Blog-a-thon
I have about 12 posts to complete my challenge and I have
one day to do it. Since I am a slacker (which I am proud to be, because it is
going to be one of the mini posts that I am going to write about today) I am
going to take the creative turn and go sligh...

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88/100 What one Year whishpered to the Next year (Pun intended)!
Hello 2016, I am eagerly waiting for your arrival. Everyone around me is
equally excited to make your acquaintance. I have almost reached the end of my
term and I knew from the very beginning, that I would last only for a year.
With just about 2 day left to...

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87/100 Peek-A-Boo......Do I know you?
Dear N, Hey you, I have been looking for you pretty much a my life. But never in my
wildest dreams did I imagine for you to come to me in the form of a blog
project. When I began this project at the beginning of this year I did not know
what to expect. I th...

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86/100 Soul-mate? Sole-mate?
After my last blog post, H asked me a question: So, you finally found your
soul mate? And I got onto my usual philo-defensive mode where I began to throw some
philosophy at him after getting defensive about it! Truth being, I really want to thank him for re...

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85/100 A Chance Mee-TEA
A chance meeting. I am meeting with pretty much the only other gal in my league of passion who I know can rhyme. When I say rhyme, I mean literally rhyme syllable to syllable, sound to sound. She also doodles, does click-click and is a totally awesome chick...

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84/100 Who really are you?
Really, who are you? It’s a hard thing for me to describe myself to someone. If someone
posed this question to me I wouldn’t really know what to say to them. The most
probable answer I would give to them would be the one that I had heard about
myself from a...

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83/100 Freedom? Illusion? Choice? Real?
When they said in 1947, that India is now an independent
country, what did they really mean? Was the country now free to run as she pleased? Were all the
choices that were provided to her allowed to be chosen on her own accord? Would
she be given the right ...
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