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Green Carpet Cleaning Methods & Information
Green Cleaning, or environmentally sound, carpet cleaning can be accomplished by both professional cleaning companies and do-it-yourselfers at home. Two major concerns arise when discussing green cleaning and carpet cleaning. The first is the use of chemicals in carpet cleaning detergents. The second concern is disposal of the waste water from the carpet cleaning, itself.Carpet cleaning companies can transport waste water in holding tanks to a waste water disposal site. It should never be dumped on the ground or into storm sewers as contamination of local water sources can occur. Professional carpet cleaners can also choose to use plant based cleansers for carpets rather than chemical based cleansers. Green cleaning can also be adopted by homeowners by using some good, old home remedies for cleaning. Start by using a Hepa-filter on vacuum cleaners. For carpet shampooing or steam cleaning, use all natural cleaners such as products by Bi-o-clean or Seventh Generation. Or, make your own cleaning solution by mixing ½ cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water. White vinegar kills a large percentage of germs and viruses, bacteria, and mold. This solution can be added to the cleaning solution in a steam cleaner or used alone.A homemade foam type of carpet cleaner can be made from combining ¼ cup vegetable oil based liquid soap to 3 tablespoons of water. The solution is whisked until it creates a foam. Apply to carpet sparingly, and be sure to rinse well and extract all water from the carpeting so no residue is left.Spot and stain removal can often be accomplished with homemade cleaners, also. Make a paste using white vinegar and baking soda, apply to the stain, and allow it to dry thoroughly before vacuuming. Another spot cleanser can be made by combining borax, salt and white vinegar into a paste. Apply to the stain, allow it to dry, and vacuum.
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