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hi, I have created a MASSIVE campaign and plots for esteren, building on the warlords from before the founding, and kinda want to share it. The problem is that its pieces of information that is scattered and not really unified in a digestible way, and im still running that campaign, so facts might be altered or introduced.

so my question is, any reccomendations for how to share my creation? (currently at 75 different plots, which often relates to eachother)

hi, I'm likely to start my first online game of Coriolis this monday, and have 2-3 spots open for players. its on roll20 and is basicly "men in black" in space.

so was wondering if anyone is interessted.

the game is set to 19.30 +2GMT, so a european evening game.
character concepts can be made ahead of time, but thinking of running character creation on monday, along with ship design.

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Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 3
In this session, a new player joined us, by new, i do mean Catalina , who made a character during the character creation session. In addition, the player who played Yldiane , wanted to make his own character. I used the rule that if you dont have a characte...

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Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 2
New player joins the game this session, so due to him not knowing the system, and me wanting to save time, I give him premade characters to choose from, and he picks Yldiane . The group is back in town, and heads over to Cadeyrn, in order to deliver the new...

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Edge of the Empire: The City of Nabat - Episode 3
With Packetstorm's typical "the gamers" introduction to the group, they set down in the city of nabat in Ryloth. Here Bas'ura Ban, the twi'lek they captured directed them through tunnels and passageways into the city's underground... which would be the regu...

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Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 1
The first proper session was longer than the character creation, so a lot of stuff got done. The player who controlled Catalina  could not come this session, but another player joined the game, and since we already had gone through the explanation of the ga...

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Shadows of Esteren: Warlords - Session 0
I was playing in a Legend of the 5 rings game, which lasted only a few sessions, before the GM needed a break to plan more content for the game. So he asked if anyone could run a different game in the meanwhile. I offered to run something, and looked at my ...

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Comeback (Hopefully)
I have wanted to start the blog back up again, but i dont really know what to write. But due to having a really good game going nowdays, currently hitting 10 sessions, i feel like it might be worth talking about it, and since its somewhat fresh, i can delve...

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Update: Really busy lately
Looks like things take time, I've been really busy lately, both with work and on the homefront. Incredible many sources of stress has made me forget about the blog, but I remembered it today and felt i could do a short status update. There are 2 drafts curr...

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Dark Heresy 2nd Edition: Do you got what it takes - Chapter 1 - Nicas the Priest
I've had this and another story lying around for awhile now and I forced my way through it, so the quality is far from good enough in my opinion, but if I did not finish it, I would not be able to progress with any of the other stories, so here it is: Fatma...
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