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Peter Edmonds
Astronomer, husband, Dad
Astronomer, husband, Dad

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A new blog post by me on the Physics Nobel Prize, gravitational radiation and black holes.

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2016: The Year of the Black Hole (1)
The 2016 Nobel Prize in physics will be announced in only 4 days, on
Tuesday October 4th. Ronald Drever , Kip
Thorne and Rainer Weiss , three founders of the Laser
Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), are hot favorites to win the award this...

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New blog post: "Astronomy is Exciting: Here’s Where You Can Learn More".

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Astronomy is Exciting: Here’s Where You Can Learn More
Astronomy is a fascinating and vibrant field, with important
discoveries occurring at an astonishing rate. Although these discoveries are
widely reported in the press, even well informed readers may want more
background than can be given in a typical newspa...

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A new blog post by me, about science writing and the value of good communication between science journalists and public information officers.

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The Value of Good Communication Between Science Journalists and PIOs
Writing is a critical part of science communication, both
for general audiences and for expert ones.  Science journalists, public information
officers (PIOs) working for universities and other institutions, and scientists
themselves – among others – do this...

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Coloring the Universe: How Beautiful Astronomical Images are Made
Astronomers have made discoveries that have completely
changed our view of the Universe and our place in it. Their advanced telescopes
have given us a kind of superhuman vision that greatly surpasses what our eyes are capable of in terms of
sensitivity, res...

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A second call-out here for my new blog post about how good the LIGO press conference, announcing the direct detection of gravitational waves, was.

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My latest blog post. It's on the LIGO press conference announcing the first direct detection of gravitational waves. It has 3 main parts: it discusses the many strengths of the LIGO press conference; the gravitational waves/sound analogy and & then the Nature Physics editorial that discusses how well the LIGO people explained their result. You'll see that my only minor criticism of the press conference is how the GWs/sound analogy was explained. I think the press conference was superb overall. 

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The Superb LIGO Press Conference Announcing the Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves
The recent announcement
that gravitational waves had been directly detected was one of the most
exciting and important events in the history of astrophysics. I watched the press conference with dozens of other people at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for As...
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